Ranking the Five Hardest Games on OSU's 2021 Football Schedule

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These five should be especially tricky.

I would rank TCU ahead of Boise State. Simply because Gundy is 1-0 against Bose State and 1-3 in his last four meetings against TCU.

Bosie is also looking for a qb. I would have west Virginia on there. They all look rough to me. The rough game for miles on his homecoming is the easiest then Missouri state.

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Texas has lost there most impact players. Will be dealing with a new qb.
We need to handle purdy Dugan and Skylar. Which we did hand 2 of the 3, and Skylar was hurt.
Baylor and tech will be about the same. Both with new qb.
West Virginia has some losses but in Morgantown.
Tulsa lost some key players to.
We have or can replace r players. So if Sanders can stay away from double coverage get to his second read. We could be back to 35 a game.

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We are gonna miss Tylan catching almost everything throw his way. Got to have a couple of receivers step their game up. RB we should be adequate, OL should be improved. I don’t think the defense will drop off much

We did see a couple of recievers in the maimi game.

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Presley did look good with good vision and speed. Hope Anderson can stay healthy and the others step their game up. Sanders needs to progress

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Bet we win 6 to 8 games and every game decided by 3 to 7 point wins. I’m jacked up about the football season for sure🙄


Great news jeff I thought u would come around.

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U really think ku is going to be a 7 pt game.

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He loves Miles so I imagine he does :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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I kind of had the same thoughts Jeff. I think we win 6 or 7 games and make the games a lot closer than they need to be. That seems to be the popular way of winning games lately. Forget blowing your opponent out of the water.

KU 99% probably won’t be close as well as Missouri state but the rest will if the putrid offense continues.

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I found some interesting information.

If you don’t count the two worst teams in the conference (Kansas and Baylor) Gundy’s average margin of victory during the 2020 season was 6.1 points.

If you include Kansas and Baylor into the category his average margin of victory is 14.5 points. It’s a sign that we really weren’t that much better or just as good as about five other teams in the conference.

That works for r lose too. Maybe run those numbers over the rest of the big 12 teams. Were a competitive league. This is why ur a moron u try ur best to cherry pick. Ur just not smart enough

Lie again we know u cant think

Well we only need to find 5 or 6 sucks for ur prediction to come true.

That doesn’t mean that. It means we were a defensively minded team. It was not easy for teams to score 6 points on us, generally. There were a few poor defensive games, though a lot of that came from offensive turnovers and struggles which should have been expected due to our depleted offensive line.

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Well when you continue to recruit on par with 7 other teams in the league then expect that our football program is going to in a competitive battle with almost everyone on our schedule with the exception of Kansas.

Depleted offensive line or not it still doesn’t change the fact that Mike Gundy stated he would ride a turnover prone QB the rest of the season (which he did).