Ranking the Modern Oklahoma State Baseball Uniforms

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/ranking-the-modern-oklahoma-state-baseball-uniforms/

The best threads in the nation.

Those 59’s are sexy.

The cursive Oklahoma State from 1995 needs a comeback.

Was that the Jeff Gueil (sp?) era?

Yep…Straight outta Vancouver BC!!! I don’t think he was there in '95, may have gotten to Stillwater a year or so later, but they still rocked those unis!!

I miss baseball.
Was pumped to be able to watch so many games on espn+ too.

Give me the black jerseys with the B/W/O hats at #1, and the orange jerseys with the all black hats at #2. You’re right about the all whites. They’re missing something.

I wish football would try more tri-colors with their uniforms like baseball does