Rashaun woods to replace Kasey Dunn?

I would LOVE this idea!! He is currently coaching at Enid high school after turning around John Marshall High school.


Bill Haston at the TulsaWorld wrote about this yesterday. If Bill is writing about it, it’s a strong possibility


Oh so this is for real maybe could be a thing now potentially

If we are looking for good and cheap, this guy may be a solid option.

My vote? Steve Spurrier Jr. He is at Wazzu learning from Leach the legend, and I want every coach who has ever learned from him at OSU lol

Edit: He has no buyout, and his salary last year was around 250K… not terrible

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Cam Aiken, Jeffery Faris, Kirby Moore, Charlie Weis Jr, Kodi Burns could all be good replacements. I really like Kirby Moore. There’s a less than 1% chance that it’s Woods.

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Given how Leach has made Wazzu decently competitive, is OSU necessarily a step up…?

No, not necessarily a step up, but if he by chance doesn’t want to live in the northwest he could be enticed. This is just me loving Mike Leach and knowing he will not be our head coach… Trying to will his proteges into our program lol

I’m telling you Moore would be a home run hire.

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I honestly don’t know much about him, would have to look him up.

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Being as how he is the Co-OC and WR at his alma mater I doubt we could get Burns even though I would love that. I think Moore would be great.

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