Reader Questions: Hart Lee Dykes, NFL Draft Stock and Coaching Carousels

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Does a canceled season help or hurt Chuba Hubbard and Tylan Wallace?

Hart Lee Dykes was indeed amazing. Certainly worthy of Wide Receiver U inclusion and typically underrated by our fan base. I have no context on the recruiting issues associated with him, however. Were they unique to him, or consistent with elite players during that time? Remember this is in the general era of the death Penalty at SMU. Seems like the OSU’s, SMU’s, etc. got hammered even harder than the OU’s and UT’s during that time (I know OU got hit and maybe it was just as bad as us, not sure). Bottom line, I’m not sure Dykes should be quasi-blackballed at OSU if the issues were systemic to Southwest Conference/Big 8 football in that era.

I think a canceled season helps Hubbard, but hurts Wallace. Most people remember what they saw last. Last thing anyone has seen on Wallace is him getting hurt. If he loses the season he loses his chance to prove that he isn’t hindered by it. Last thing anyone saw on Hubbard was a 2,000 yard season so that lingers. Honestly, I don’t see him moving up a lot in the draft by coming back, other than maybe just not as much other competition in next year’s draft.