Reader Thoughts: NCAA Penalties and a Recruiting Move that Would Help OSU

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Good stuff here from PFB readers over the last few weeks.

To add onto the eliminating signing day element. I would add the satellite camps oSu used to attend in the summers. I thought oSu and other non blue bloods were able to develop relationships with less touted recruits as the blue bloods focused their attention of highly rated recruits. I think not getting attention from blue bloods helped some recruits see the value of not signing with a blue blood which is why they were probably ended.

I like Bouyton. And yes 5 star recruits make u feel warm in side. Two of the nicest best alums would have been 2 stars. Barry and Big Country. I feel we will over turn the sanction. But, until Bouyton wins he is a recruiter not a coach.

If I’m a 4 or 5-star who truly wants to feel empowered, go sign with the first squad that believes in me and offers: like an Oklahoma State. Now I have a chance to be part of a group that does historical things on this campus. I have a voice that’s probably more resonate than say someone at Alabama or Ohio State, where I’m just the next in a long line of greats. Let me ask this: would Chuba’s message have been so well received if he went to Bama, competed for a Natty every year, and Saban was his head coach? I’m not sure what the answer is, but it’s something to think about?

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The older I get the less trust is fostered by the FBI. Crazy how a once revered organization I don’t have a ton of respect for. I mean there are still ton of good men I’m sure at the FBI. However, I really think perhaps this was a setup. Since when should the FBI set up people to do wrong. If you want to investigate fine, dandy great but cmon. Ridiculous.

Don’t kid yourself. Sutton signed some thoroughbreds during his time hear. Desmond Mason, Joe Atkins, Jameson Curry, Tony Allen was highly sought after juco recruit. He also got Byron Eaton. Some bigtime transfers in Graham boys and John Lucas everyone knew could play point. He brought his son Sean at PG. Add to it good recruits like Byron Houston who was already on team and Corey Williams.
Ask Eddie, it takes studs to win. “You don’t win the Kentucky Derby with a jackass.” - Eddie Sutton
Also Big Country - Bobby Knight wanted him out of Gans also. Again don’t kid yourself he found a bunch of 3 star talent yes but he got some studs and some talented guys as well. Randy Rutherford was great. I dont’ remember how highly recruited off top of my head for him. Eddie was great mixing high school talent with some good transfers. Glendon Alexander by the way was McAA- Brian Montinai was Colorado high school player of the year. Don’t kid yourself.

I was talking about football satellite camps that occurred early in Gundy’s tenure. Sorry for the confusion.

Eddie was a great recruiter. Boynton has surpassed him (IN TERMS OF RECRUITING ONLY!! not in accomplishments obviously), but really my comments were more about football recruiting. Which has always been and continues to be a problem.

I’m say that Eddie never had a top 5 class at osu. I’m glad u can name old players, but 2 of those players were at osu when he got there. Do u really count your son as a recruit. For that matter transfers a recruits but really. Any player who is over 7 foot will catch any coach, but if u believe big country was a 4 or 5 star, ok.

My point is people think Eddie didnt recruit well. He didnt recruit top 10 classes. He did it differently but he brought in really good players…don’t kid yourself.