Reader Thoughts: Our Favorite Bedlam Memories

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From 1985 to 2011, here’s a sampling of our Bedlam faves.

  1. I was at the game with my father, a long-time OSU faculty member. I had recently finished my PhD and had been teaching at a small liberal arts college for a few years. As the clock ticked down on what would be a 38-28 Cowboy victory, I told my Dad there was something I had been waiting my entire life to do. He said, “Just don’t get arrested.” I had the goalpost in my left hand, and still have the hat that Tatum Bell signed. I hope for another one of those games today. Go Pokes
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My top 3 Bedlams:

  1. 2011: Winning the Big 12 title while beating the breaks off of OU was so satisfying.
  2. 2001: A 30+ point underdog and ending their national title hopes on their own field was a great end to an otherwise bad season.
  3. 2002: Last home game I attended as a student and boy was it great.

2001: I was a senior at OSU. There was an OSU basketball game that night, so my dad came to Stillwater from Tulsa early to watch the bedlam game on TV. I remember we ate at Joe’s and then watched the rest at my apartment on Hester & University. As it became clear that OSU was competing in this game, more friends came over to watch. I remember us all going nuts when Rashaun caught the TD pass from Fields. The part I remember so vividly is my dad pacing around my apartment and warning us all that it’s not over - he was years beyond us in heartbreaking bedlam experience. Thankfully we closed it out. My dad and I walked over to GIA for the basketball game where Larry Reece must have repeated the final score five times to a very happy crowd.