Reader Thoughts: Where's the Fire From OSU, Gundy?

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We know he cares, but is it enough?

Long story short we think every time Gundy looks in the mirror all he sees is Brent Parker dropping that pass?

There is being aggressive and then there is being crazy. I didn’t have a problem with the field goals made during the Bedlam game because in the moment I thought they were the right moves. The author of the email wants to go for it on every fourth down and never kick a field goal, following that game plan wont give you the chance to win Bedlam. The Cowboys need to be aggressive and smart to put themselves in a position to win the game.

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I think what I’d like to see is some deviousness like Gus confusing Bama into having too many men on the field.


I’d love Gundy to just let it all hang out in Bedlam. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Show some fire, put your foot down and never let up. Win or lose Cowboy fans will respect that type of game plan for Bedlam


From the email: “You know what’s crazy? I barely cared after Bedlam. I got frustrated a couple of times during the game, mostly because they ran the same play over and over again and OSU did nothing to counter it. I wasn’t excited about the game during the day, wasn’t fired up.”
Sorry Chris M., but that’s a YOU problem! To say the team, the staff wasn’t excited about the game??? That’s just silly! I’m a borderline old guy living in Idaho and I was STOKED before the game - during the game even. If you can’t get fired up about a game because you’re fatalistic…that’s on you! If you think we have a crappy season because we can’t beat ou…that’s on you!! Would I love to switch this thing and dominate them for the next 50 years? OF COURSE!! But, am I going to despair because we can’t regularly beat the Alabama of the Midwest (lower Midwest…southwest…whatever…) NO!! Regardless of the team, the situation, you can’t go out and coach crazy!
((Boring personal story warning…)) I did that in a MUCH lesser situation - coaching AAU basketball here…we went out to win the Finals Tournament against a team we hadn’t beaten (yes, with 14 year olds) but I drew up a totally aggressive, never-seen-before, go-get-em gameplan that I really thought would work. It was a disaster! I had parents yelling at me for 2 years, “Stick to your approach!!”
So, the moral of the story is…Gundy coached to our team. He coached to what he knew about our team. None of us (probably) have been in every practice. None of us know these kids like he does. Yet, we have SO many people who obviously know better than he does - than the staff does. If Gundy was the idiot too many think he is, his staff would turn over annually! But, as we’ve read on PFB lately - that’s not a Gundy problem! His staff stays, for the most part, until he sends them packing. Guys stay for 5 or so years. That’s a sign of trust. ((Insert the, “Yeah they stay until they realize how complacent and mediocre Gundy is” comments here.))
Ok - end of rant…carry on…


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Gundy wants to win bedlam way more then OSU fans will give him credit. Everyone the last few years said cut it loose, what do you have to lose? We cut it loose last year, took shots all game long, went for the 2 point conversion towards the end of the game and lost. We want to place all the blame on 1 person (I get it he makes 5 million a year), but at what point do players have to make plays? Is it Gundy’s fault the OSU defense couldn’t stop Blake Bell? Is it Gundy’s fault Gilbert didn’t catch the ball? Is it Gundy’s fault Mason overthrew Tyron? Is it Gundy’s fault Corndog short armed a wide open receiver? Players need to step up for Bedlam too. Was it Gundy’s fault this year we had a receiver drop a wide open pass, or a receiver fumble the ball? That turnover was huge and it changes the gameplan. Gundy can do better in Bedlam, but so can the players.


This email gets to me, and I don’t know why… The last couple of years, we’ve gone all out against ou and have still come up short. They have done what fans have screamed about, and it still didn’t work. I remember the blogs saying, “Finally! We let it all hang loose!”

I went into this game “hoping” for a win, but not expecting to. So, in the end, I wasn’t disappointed that we lost to a Heisman QB and a top 10 team. Should I have been disappointed? Who knows… maybe? But, I wasn’t. Like another reply here, there is not one person on this site/blog/community that participates in practice, or eavesdrops in practices or meetings. So, how in the world do you know what should be done with the players we have, the staff that we have, or the situation at hand?! You don’t. If you did, if you knew how to be a top 10, top 5 school year after year, then you’d be making 5 million a year to be the coach. Instead, we are all behind a keyboard, complaining about a coach that knows what he’s doing.

After a couple of loses in the first half of the season, “Fire Gundy!”, “Gundy has lost it!”, is all I read about. Then, we win 4 in a row… “Gundy was right”, “he’s in control”, “maybe he does know what’s going on” was the narrative. Now, we lose to a top tier team, and we’re back to firing Gundy and Gundy sucks again. WTF?!

Sorry, this is my first post, but I’ve been on this blog for several years and I just get tired of the naysayers. It irks me to read what our “fans” have to say all the time, even some of the bloggers themselves. You have no idea what the day-to-day operations are like, what the practices are like. Just enjoy the game and let the Gundy run the team.

Rant over. Again, I apologize for finally letting go.

I disagree with you, respectfully, because this bedlam we didn’t let it all hang out like we have in the previous two . And you point out in the previous two we did not win which is true but we were a 2 point conversion away from having a great shot at it last year and the year before we were screwed on a call where a player took no less than 7 steps with the ball, changes hands with the ball and loses it . That call negated a touchdown, negated a 10-0 score . I know that game shouldn’t come down to one play but games often do . That’s a different game that gets played had the score (rightly) been 10-0.
The scores the 2 years previous to this bedlam were differentials of 1 and 10 . Whereas this year and the bedlam 4 years ago had differentials of 18 each .