Recap: Cowboys' Comeback Attempt Comes Just Short, OSU Falls to No. 7 Baylor 74-68

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The Cowboys’ impressive late push is not quite enough.

The university shouldn’t accept a NIT bid. You wanna play in March? Win enough games to make the tourney. Your season has been on the line the past week and these guys have done nothing to improve their situation. Waiting till the last 4 minutes to do something is unacceptable. The amount of missed shots from 2 feet out and WIDE open 3 pointers is downright embarrassing. Give half the dudes on campus 3 weeks in the gym shooting and they’d have a better shot than these guys. NCAA tournament or couch. These guys don’t need to be playing in the NIT.

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This team is not going to Lubbock and beat Tech. It’s not happening. This is undoubtedly one of the worst offensive teams we’ve had at OSU. There’s no go to guy who you can count on to score. Not to mention we have no one who can take it to the basket on the dribble. So here’s another year we don’t make the tournament. What’s worse is if Boynton’s here next year, what do we have to look forward to. No returning players you can count on plus a lot of unproven recruits. Next year could be worse unless we come up with some contributors from the portal. Not a lot to look forward to. Let’s play our last league game and a tournament game and call it a season. Nobody particularly seniors want to go to the NIT.

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Personally, I think they should do away with the NIT. There’s a reason it’s referred to as the Not Important Tournament.