Recap: Cowboys Thwart Kansas Comeback, Win 75-70

My guess is he got almost no blame from you in '19 '18 '17…

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Love the post but she already knows who joe is think about.:rofl::joy::upside_down_face::wink::innocent::crazy_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

Stay focused ar0 this is a basketball article.

Not sure why you tagged me, I didn’t say it.

Anyways, I’m not “vouching for Gundy to stay”. In fact, after the TCU game I said I’m fine with him being gone. I just promote positivity when I see him do something positive, and the opposite when he doesn’t, as I’ve said a million times. That’s a realist’s mindset. I just like to make fun of you and Joe’s comments because you most likely have a shrine of bad-looking Gundy Polaroids in the corner of your basement closet that you sit and burn with a match every night.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: perfect.

Ha!!! Gotta admit that’s a good one though.

Listen I’ve been critical of Boynton too. I know he needs to make the post season and he got screwed out of it his first season because OU had pretty boy Trae Young on their team and he got beat out the first round anyway. You can’t possibly sit here and say Boynton and OSU didn’t deserve to get in the tourney during the 2017-2018 season.

Why should he have because they had a winning record. They what had 7 wins in con, never going to happen unless ur in the old big east or acc

That’s fine. I just look at the overall body of work over the past nine seasons. That overall body of work has led to one second place finish, no major bowl wins, one bedlam victory, no conference title appearances, and all this while Texas has for the most part been an average to below average program for ten years. So at what point do you say “huh!! Maybe now would be a good time to cement ourselves as one of those top tier teams in the league, and try to separate ourselves from being middle of the pack!!”.

Dnt answer joe anytime he talks football. It just spurs him on. It’s like pulling a dogs tail gets him all riled up.

Agree with most of that, but if it weren’t for the big 12 inexplicably shutting down their conference championship, OSU would have played in the 2013, 2015, and 2016 title games. All three were bedlam de facto title games, with the winner winning the conference.

Also, making a coaching change doesn’t cement them as one of the top tier teams. Actually, based on past experiences of a massive pile of teams nationwide, the statistics point to it doing the opposite.

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In 2013 Baylor won the conference outright.

Is that something ur proud of. U really r a odd duck
U do know Baylor won 2 games this yr.

In 2013 Gundy was talking about how he had all the pieces to win the conference. Bedlam we lost to a tight end playing quarterback.
That’s when I learned even when he is handed the game, he can’t win it.

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And ur point is a Florida te won a Heisman

Hero Ball in the second half is the constant issue with this team. The ball moves in the first half and then guys like walker, flavors, the Boone twins, Moncrieffe and Williams change their mindset and start tying to do things that didn’t get us the lead. Bad three point shots and out of control one on one drives. Anderson cunnngham and Likekele move the ball. They don’t take bad shots. It’s why we play so well in the first half.
Those 3 guards are the reason we are leading teams like West Virginia, Texas and ku at half time by a huge margin.
If boynton would just pull the kid and sit him on the bench as soon as they start being selfish and not moving the ball…the other players would see it and would keep the ball moving. But he doesn’t. These games are close in the end because boynton is getting out coached every game.

It’s either that or it takes the OU coaching staff to hand him a Bedlam victory as well.

And we’ve done what exactly the past 5 seasons?

Obsessing over a sporting event and the hatred of a man to the point of mental collapse because a group of guys who don’t know that we exist aren’t winning as many games of football as we’d like? Idk, that’d be my guess.

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