Recap: Oklahoma State Falls to No. 7 Texas 61-47 in Big 12 Tournament Quarterfinals

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The Cowboys made it interesting late.

26% from the field

Why do we choose to slow the pace and run a half court offense that is abysmal?

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20 offensive rebounds and we got 17 total baskets

I know we want to hear ourselves announced on Sunday, but if we’re honest, this is not a team deserving of an NCAA bid. We can be elite defensively – although we’ve proven there’s a consistency issue even with that, which is frustrating because defense should travel well. Offensively…way too many turnovers…way too poor at shooting free throws…way too poor at scoring, period.

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Defensively, we are a 3 seed most of the year. Offensively, we are NIT.

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I would be shocked if they got selected. Almost every other bubble team won yesterday. Plus these guys looked like idiots for the majority of the game last night.

Just checked and the latest from Joe Lunardi has Oklahoma State as the first team out.

Basically every other bubble team won last night with the potential to win again tonight. The smallest sliver of hope I had disappeared when Utah State and ASU won last night.


Why is Boone only getting 21 minutes? Did he get in foul trouble early or something? He was the second leading scorer, shot the best, and was the only player on the team that had a double double. He should be playing no less than 30 minutes a game.

I can’t tell if Boynton is trying to figure out if he wants to be fired, or if he’s just too dumb to realize the best player on his team isn’t getting the minutes he needs. Boone is probably thinking he should’ve transferred when he had the chance. OSU is ranked 304th out of 352 teams in three point percentage. Why are they shooting 21 three pointers?

I like the guy and his support for the university, but this is year 6 and the only time the dude’s made the tournament is when the #1 draft pick was on his roster. I sure as hell hope the guys he’s bringing in next season have discipline and are able to coach themselves because Boynton doesn’t look like he’s interested in establishing either one.

Boone walked out of a huddle during the first half. Guessing coach wasn’t having any of that.

I would be fine with Boynton doing that if Boynton himself actually knew what he was doing. If Eddie Sutton does it that’s cool because he’s proved his worth. Boynton still has a long ways to go.