Recap: Oklahoma State Falls to North Texas 65-59 in Overtime of the NIT Quarterfinal

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The Cowboys went 0-for-7 from the field in overtime.

That overtime :face_vomiting:

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That whole game :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

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Of 363 teams OSU’s offense ranked -

#262 in points per game
#273 in FG%
#324 in 3-pt %
#255 in FT%


That sums it up perfectly. Boynton is a terrible coach. Wright is a terrible 3 point shooter as well.


“A long time coming, but I know
A change gon’ come
Oh yes, it will”

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To get a composite score add these rankings: OSU has a score of 1114 out of a worst case possible of 1212 (or 92%). That means only 8% of the 363 teams had a worse composite score than OSU this year.

That puts OSU as #333 best case. Not likely that any team would have that low a ranking in every offensive category. Coach B. might be a nice guy, but he does not meet what is needed to bring OSU back to the level that Sutton and Iba lead us to expect from a coach. Time to look for a new coach. Another year at this level should not be tolerated.


Worst part about this is we’re still not even out of the NCAA woods yet I’m pretty sure. Still down a scholarship next year too I believe. I think we’ve got to keep Boynton another year or maybe two until the stench of the crooked ass NCAA dissipates to attract a high level coach. Save up some money these next few years while the buyout decreases and find a proven coach if it isn’t turned around by Boynton.

Coach Mike god dealt a dogshit hand essentially from day one and it shows in the results. Can he coach at a high level? Maybe or maybe not I don’t know. He didn’t get a fair shake at OSU because of the NCAA and I don’t think we will ever get to see what he is capable of here. Is what it is I guess. Wish I could get paid millions upon being fired.

Knowing our luck he will get fired in a year or two then go on an absolute tear at his next job.


How appropriate that a small town shooter from eastern Oklahoma ended our season. The kid didn’t necessarily look the part, but he could put the ball through the cylinder. Guarded by bigger, lengthier, stronger defenders, it didn’t matter.

Our roster is filled with incredible athletes; just none are adept at scoring. That kinda matters.

Always will cheer for the Cowboys, but kinda glad this season is over; the '22-23 version was a hard team to watch.

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I don’t know how you look at the talent we have and not narrow the issues down to poor coaching. Boynton can recruit like no other in the country. He just doesn’t know how to form a cohesive and efficient team. Most of the season looked like streetball or completely out of control. They had a few games where everything seemed to click. Then they had other games where it looked like they had never seen a basketball before. Turnovers and poor free throw shooting have plagued Boynton since day 1. That comes down to discipline, which then comes down to coaching. Demote Boynton to recruiting and give him a fancy title so he doesn’t get butthurt. Then, take some time and look for a real coach that can come in and do the job.

This has been an issue with Boynton teams. The first 15-17 games they don’t do well. Even with Cade Cunningham I think we started the season 9-6 if I’m not mistaken. They don’t take care of business in the non-conference schedule or early on in the conference. The discipline and fundamentals are not there consistently. This past season we started the season 9-8 and ended at 20-16 (11-8 the remainder of the season). If we beat the teams we should we end non-conference play at 12-5 instead. 21-12 gets you in the tournament. There is no set offensive rhythm and the players tend to act like they’re Golden State even though we’re 324th out of 352 teams in three point percentage. Something has to change!!!

Boyton has 2 more years. If he doesn’t turn it around by then, the buyout will make firing him economically feasible.

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This is what I’ve been trying to point out the last half of the season. This is and has been a terrible shooting team. Sadly the coaching staff just expects them to start making shots instead of noticing what can’t be done. Way too many scoring droughts too. Boynton needs to hire the best shooting coach available as an asst or it’s time to pack the bags. Which sucks cause I love most things about him but we can’t keep going on year to year begging and hoping to get into the NCAA tourney.

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I really hope he does pan out cause he is really likable and can recruit high level guys. If it does get to the point of firing him we can’t pussyfoot around on the next guy. We have to hire a known, big name commodity that has tournament run experience. If we’re going to hire an unknown again there really isn’t any point in canning Boynton at that point. Might as well let him keep developing his coaching ability at that point.

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Why did we give him that long of an extension after only making the tournament once in four seasons? I could understand doing a 3-4 year extension but it was 7 YEARS!!! Had they just done 4 years we wouldn’t be sitting here wondering when it’s going to be economically feasible to send him on his way.


That team was pretty consistent that year. Started 11-4 the first 15 that year but 1-3 to start the conference. Only those losses were by a total of 7 points but only 1 two game losing streak that year so pretty consistent but it took a number 1 pick to do it so you’re point is still good his teams start too slow and that killed us this year too. Like you said, those non conf losses killed us. Also this team blew so many halftime leads too didn’t they? KU game in particular. Win that and even with the poor non conference we are in at 9-9 in the big 12. Those numbers you posted are the reason. Bad bad offense. Tough to watch.

So…no accountability for the players? I get it, it’s easy to blame the coach. The turnovers and poor decision making point towards poor coaching, to some extent. I’m not going to pretend he couldn’t be better. But at what point are the players held accountable? You all act like these are little kids who just started playing. These guys are missing wide open shots and making the same bad passes game after game. Kalib Boone needs to grow up and take ownership as a senior. Bryce Thompson needs to live up to his billing and stop making the same ■■■■ cross court pass turnovers every single game. Cisse needs be stronger with the ball. You all think the coaches aren’t preaching this stuff in practice?

Maybe it is all Boynton. Maybe this team never practices free throws. Maybe he’s lost the locker room. Maybe the pistols firing message board knows these players better than the coaches do. Maybe Boynton can suit up next year and hit some wide open shots or make better passes.

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Yep the players need to own the situation as much as the coach does. Also I don’t know what the hell is going on with Boone but he seems to be a massive head case. I don’t know if he has any years left but seeing his behavior from afar the last few games I think there needs to be some serious consideration over the future of his career or lack there of.