Recap: Oklahoma State Loses Big to Minnesota in Tulsa 86-66

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The Cowboys dropped their third game of the season.

Wow…that was ugly.

Unacceptable performance. Where was the defense? We played about 5 minutes of defense all game and that was at the end when the game was decided. As Eddie looked on that wasn’t a defensive performance he would have ever tolerated. Recruiting is all good and well, but I care more about wins and losses. This team needs to win and win now.

I liked what Anderson has to say after the game a lot more than the +/- for the starters. This year will be what the Seniors are committed to making it on the defensive end IMO. Has been a good non conference slate which IMO is key because the Big 12 is going to be demanding. Glad to see the young players get some meaningful minutes against quality competition. Looking forward to seeing how the team looks in the new year. Love that about college basketball. If oSu can turn the corner after the break they should make the tourney. That is my hope for these seniors.

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