Recap: OSU Suffers Historic 48-0 Beatdown at Kansas State

How many were we missing jug ? You are just simply a Gundy hater. Texas 49- goons 0 did that ring a bell in your empty asx head ?
Why are you here ? You add nothing but criticism
That’s all. I agree it was a total flop. You aren’t getting Gundy fired, if you think so call Weiberg and biotch to him. Come back and tell us what he tells you. You and your daughter are still idiots

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I hope so !! KState will have a couple more losses before the season end. We are still in the playoff picture for the conference. It may take an unexpected loss for KState but it happens every year

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I was watching a ksu flim and one of there fans said the same exact about there oc. You know.


One of my biggest complaints with Gundy is I think he’s not loud at times, not fiery enough, and seems to not motive his players enough. I Pat attention to him on the sidelines. Would love to see him be more emotional, reactive, and put all that into positivity. I’ve heard his take on quoting something along the lines that not to play with emotion. I think it’s part of the culture he instilled or just him. Players/people feed of their leader. I’d like to seem him get under some skin and get players and staff fired up. There’s a fine line in being too loud I understand. I’m the kind of guy that likes to fire up the crowd, my teammates, and get that adrenaline going. If anyone has ever played any sport of any level they pay attention to the coaches energy.

I wish we could have offered the same as Ohio St. We was in position for at least repeating for 2 more seasons. I would had almost bet my checks on it to get two more 10+ win seasons. In all my years of watching OSU I’ve never seen us in a better situation to elevate the program even higher. More so than 2011. I understand culture an what not but surely we can compromise a little bit more especially with the portal and NIL. I’m a traditional guy too but would had to get lost in the dust or fall behind.

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Ive other guys say this too. Those guys also like dave at baylor. So that makes a real pickle. Dave could put me a sleep.
Gundy gets fired up you very watch him go after refs.

That rah rah stuff really needs ti be done by the other coaches and players.

One reason gundy and actually a lot of coach arent cheerleaders because they want players to stay focused.

I am a rah rah guy myself too. But a player depend on a hc to jump up and down is a lil silly.
If your in right field making a diving catch do you look into the dugout first thing. I never did.

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Wouldn’t have mattered if we matched. He wanted to move up.

I didn’t mean it exactly like that, more kinda like Pat Jones. For some reason I like how he’d get watching old games. My coach was kind of a fiery guy not stupid loud but man he’d get in our you know what’s and gives some good pregame talks then punish you bad in practice the practice after the game.

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We dnt see alot of the old coaches any more. For good or bad.
Jenkins was crying about glass being so in your face coach.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

“…you know…” it probably translates better on offense!! lol

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