Recap: OSU Suffers Historic 48-0 Beatdown at Kansas State

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OSU did not score a point in a game for the first time since 2009.

Dickey needs to be shitcanned by the time they get back to Stillwater. Dunn and Mason need to be investigated. Gundy needs smacked upside the head. Putrid performance. Absolutely sickening.


What time does game start?


Bad bad game !! I don’t think it was one or two players, it was the whole bunch. Not inspired , getting hammered with their blocking schemes
So many players hurt, pitiful showing, Gundy didn’t suddenly become a bad coach.
You can’t explain a game like this , they just happen. Looks like Sanders is lost for a bit the way he walked off the field holding his shoulder


…and someone please explain to me a lucid rationale that Gunnar wasn’t slinging the ball all over the field before the third quarter ended… and the whole fourth.

Absolutely no need for Sanders to take hits, Gunnar getting snaps and experience… head coaching 101!! what the everlovinghell???

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They don’t just happen.

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Yea they do dumbass. KSTATE played a perfect game. Everything went their way. That kid will probably never have a game like that again in his life. It was their perfect storm. With all the injuries we have it did surprise me much
…Texas 49- goons 0

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I just want to point out that this is twice this year that a backup QB has outplayed our #1 QB.

Since we’re not making the Big 12 title game, here’s hoping that TCU wins out and reps the Big 12 in the CFP.


Can’t wait till the Derrick Mason experiment is over. 2 years on a contract isn’t enough to install instinctive zone defense and 3-4 guys isn’t always enough to get to the QB or plug the running lanes common football sense to me. Also too I would love to see that A&M transfer get more carries, he seems pretty physical. This is just me venting but I been feeling lately that Brennan is a liability with the ball, super talented but ball security is needed. These wide receivers couldn’t catch a cold today either. My last thing I’d love Oliver to start and get a lot more reps he’s very disruptive, it’d be a shame to see him transfer.

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They don’t just happen. K State played a perfect game because their coaches had them prepared had watched tape and knew what would work against our offense and defense.
Other teams never seem surprised by what plays our offense run. Our defense is surprised every play.

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When Gundy hired Yurcich to be his puppet, but to learn the successful offense of Holgy and Monken (albeit the ballsless version of our beloved head coach) it was a huge mistake. Over paying someone to intern as OC was laughable.

However, Gundy should have hired or promoted from within a young defensive mind that would simply keep the Knowles system, almost learning it from the elder players if need be. Mason was a huge mistake which, if history repeats itself, will some day be applauded as quite the hire!! lmao…

Texas Bowl or bust?!?!?! Bedlam is suddenly a very daunting task, or is it just me??
GO POKES!! :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

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Goon has a brand new staff at EVERY position. We do not. Texas is better than K-State. Texas is Goon’s most hated rival. We are not K-State’s most hated. Goon had nothing to play for. We still had everything in front of us. 49-0 was long overdue. 48-0 is inexcusable. Don’t compare the two.

Goons were missing their quarterback.

I agree with you on the your take on the coaching positions. I was hoping to wake up to see Mason took the Arizona St job and Dunn took a NFL gig. I’m not a fire Gundy guy but I hope he’s learned from this. Mason maybe a great guy but the amount of time he has left isn’t enough to install his defense and this 2-4-5 teams have been sticking up in our gut with the run and our Secondary looks like miscommunication issues. I think Jackson the A&M kid is our RB I feel like he’s about to rip off Long TD runs when he touches the ball. Sorta reminds me of Herschel Sims kid that got kid off the team years ago.


At one time, quite a while back… our Football, Basketball, Golf and Wrestling head coaches were all alums. Eddie Sutton the elder statesman and Gundy the young gun.

The Cowboy culture, of which they rightfully make such a huge deal, should also be where our coaching vacancies are filled as often as not. jmho I neither am a fire Gundy guy at all. But, that doesn’t mean that I blindly support his inanely stupid moves… some seasons more plentiful than others. lol

I was overly harsh in satiring Mason’s post game interview posted on another article, but when a man says “…you know…” ad nauseum when trying to say nothing of substance, but placate the masses… it speaks volumes of his acumen.


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Okay, spit balling here… but… if our dreams come true and Mason and Dunn move on after their semi-successful stints with us (more wins than loses, but detrimental overall…)… here are som dream replacements for me.


  1. Zac Robinson!!
  2. JW Walsh??

Both might need lower calibered stints in preparation, but make MORE sense than Yurcich!


  1. …not so adamant on this, but I still wish that an assistant under Knowles had been elevated. Clements, Hammerschmidt or even Gibbs would have been better than Mason.

How is Texas better than K-State?

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You’ll see on Saturday.

Goons also have better talent even with the transfers. Their staff has been with the team since spring. So why did Texas route the goons and them looking so bad ? Texas played perfect that game. Wide receivers running wide open like we gad yesterday. So there isn’t that much difference

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