Receiver Development Allows Oklahoma State More Offensive Flexibility in 2022

You know it’s going to happen. Don’t play to the strengths of your personnel. Just make sure they do what you want them to do regardless if it works or not.

Sure joy we had several thugs on the teams that would have eventually brought us down to below .500…. How many did Gundy boot when he came in …. A bunch of cancers, you and jug can’t see that

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Gundy has been around for 17 years. How much more time do you want to give him? Also, what does that have to do with Gundy’s outdated playbook?

Its funny you want miles who did even have a play book. Just eat some grass and draw it up in the sand

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Kind of like we did in the biggest OSU football game in 10 years?

Didnt think they needed sand to call drives to the middle

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I’m sure you don’t realize we have been in a conference BB don’t you !! When have we ever recruited like them … don’t throw Briles out there either

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Given the status of our outdated playbook that’s what it seems to look like.

I don’t need to. Apparently Matt Rhule and Dave Aranda have figured out how to resurrect programs. I don’t expect us to recruit like a BB, but it’s a little ridiculous the “second best program” in the Big 12 can’t get a top 25 recruiting class for over a decade.

Evidently we don’t need top recruiting classes , as you go by stars. All I need to say is who has the second most wins the last ten years. Case closed. Rhule didn’t win it idiot , you cry and try so hard to prove a point that’s not proveable

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Who has the second most conference titles in the last 10 years?

Not exactly. Ask anyone who’s played at the level or knows a thing or two about college football and they’ll tell you it’s just an argument to make and not solidified.

I know he didn’t. Just saying he got further in three years at Baylor than Gundy did at OSU.

Baylor Baylor Baylor……and blah blah

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You repeated it three times just like their conference title wins.

You still hanging on to Briles like always… I would hate to walk around this stupid

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I don’t even have to mention Briles really. Because Aranda has just as many in two years as Gundy does in seventeen.

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That makes Aranda 10 times better coach than Gundy at win the conference.

It took Matt Rhule three years to play for a conference title at Baylor. Then it only took Aranda two years to win one. Baylor isn’t even a BB.

Then you have Gundy where it took him seven years to win one and five years to reach another title game.

Then they want me to believe that Gundy walks on water, and is a championship caliber coach. :man_shrugging:

Your saying gundy doesnt walk on water. Straight hater.

You sad that briles and miles can never work again. Anyway miles couldn’t coach at bps artificial grass

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It took Gundy 10 seasons to match the same amount of victories as Miles did against OU in 4 seasons. Not to mention the team’s Miles beat were better.

How good were those uo teams osu was losing to bad la tech and southern miss teams.

That one year was a bad osu team. So really how good was uo.