Recruiting and Finances

This article is kind of damning, I think. It shows that the typical ‘we can’t spend enough to recruit’ excuses that show up under PFB articles are flat out wrong.

I disagree. The only schools out recruiting us on a regular basis are spending way more. And we regularly out recruit many that spend more. The big jump in our spending has only been in the past couple years and we just got some good talent out west to commit. Something that likely wouldn’t have happened a couple years ago without the spending increase. It’ll take a couple more years to really determine if the increase in spending creates better classes.

I don’t think it’s finances at all. It’s about having the right head coach and assistant coaches that can sell the program, and can sell a kid on being an integral part of the program. Also, it takes a coach who is privy to the recruiting techniques of the day. This is why Boynton is rocking as far as recruiting goes.


I agree with you. I put this up because one of the standard excuses I see for why our recruiting is, frankly, mediocre at very best is that we don’t have the budget or finances to recruit better than we do. It’s just more self-defeating nonsense, but this article shows that our finances are not the problem. Like you said, it’s about those who are making USE of the finances.

Right. Every time some old fart chud says “resources”, when compared to OU, my blood pressure rises. It’s an old and tired excuse.