Recruiting freshmen

If you had to recruit (non-athletic) high school kids to college, what would you say to convince them OSU was where they should go to continue education?

Undergrad enrollment is down across the country and we’ve seen some universities close entire programs (see UoTulsa). What do you think of that trend? What should OSU do in order to keep enrollment above board? If you have a kid, speak to your process in deciding from home.

-Make enrollment as easy as possible, providing advisor assistance at all points throughout the process if needed. -When I went off to school in the mid 2000’s, I couldn’t have figured it out if it wasn’t for my parents.

-Have many different paths as options for students (Such as transitioning from TCC in Tulsa, Rogers State in Claremore, etc.) -From what I have heard, OSU is better at this than the other in state schools

-Provide as many online degrees as possible. I know this doesn’t add to providing the Stillwater experience that most of us got, but with today’s times I believe online schooling is more popular than ever.

-Probably most importantly… be affordable

I’ve heard the way the university makes most of it’s money from academics is through undergrad enrollment. Let’s say they charge the minimum to get by, what else?

I love the assistance idea. Not sure how it’s done today, but definitely could have used more help getting there.

Before I’d try to sell someone on OSU, I’d advocate for the cost of college being decreased, first and foremost.

I support free public education (which this country can certainly pay for, given its bloated military budget). I would start with making free college only accessible to people under a certain household income threshold, and go from there.