Recruiting questions

Recruiting is a big part of a team.
Everyone is talking about Gundy’s.
Does anyone look at other teams or just the ranking per class.
Ranking per class goes of total points of the class. So a large class with lower per player can be ranked higher then a small class with better recurits.
Look at tcu they had just a lil higher per player then osu. We were ranked higher.
But look at that tcu class 18 total players. 4 were qb. Does that seem like a great class in any form.
Even if they plan to convert the qb, which I doubt.
West Virginia got to kids from finland and Sweden that were both over 86. Really. Their not kickers.
With the 25 and 85 limit u have to lose players if u have full 25 each year.
Thats another people cry about the ones we lose. Ksu is up to like 13 or more lost from last year.
U do hope to keep ur highest recurits and hope they are that good. But u want the ones that want to stay.

People talk about Gundy getting his recurits early.
Were at 10 rite now at 87.
Would that be better then tech at zero and zero.
Baylor is the closest at 9. What happens went we take their best recuirt. He has already visited and plans another. Are offer has only been a month old.
Just food for thought.

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