Recruiting Reset: Where OSU's 2021 Class Ranks among Big 12

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Where does OSU stack up with its 2021 class?

This is exactly why OSU can’t separate themselves consistently from the other programs in the Big 12. They need better recruits. Imagine how consistently good the OSU football program could be if they could consistently be 3rd or 4th in recruiting in the Big 12, and develop the talent the way they do?

I don’t expect them to beat OU or Texas on the recruiting trail. One would think that they would be able to beat many of the other programs in the conference on recruits considering they have the second most wins in the Big 12 over the past decade. Instead, we recruit offensive lineman that get offers from North Texas and UTSA.


Okay, but Teven Jenkins is going to be a multi millionaire soon… Like James Washington. Or Justin Blackmon. Or Kendall Hunter. Brandon Pettigrew.

Unfortunately OU is not in the top 10 in the national rankings (13th). So the whole conference is down (OSU 48th).

Those are usually few and far between though. It’s mostly the 4 and 5 star recruits that are correctly developed through college that make the biggest impacts in the NFL.

Very rarely does a 3 star recruit or lower make a significant impact in their NFL careers. Most of the time those careers don’t last very long, and within 3-5 years the former NFL player is either in the Canadian league or working as a sportscaster somewhere.

Teven Jenkins might be the first lineman we have drafted in a decade. Just think about that for a moment. Don’t you think a conference contender should be able to get a non-skilled position player drafted within a decade? We need better recruiting.

Well seasons not done. That Hubbard stuff hurt. Ive seen good recruits not save a team. I think we’ve got the best coaching staff, we’ve ever had. I really am amazed the weird stuff people say ever time a recruit deal comes up. Do we have a natty. Have u been to Stillwater. How many 4 or 5 star come out of Oklahoma, in a state that kids go to sleep dreaming of ou.

One thing that is hard to gauge on rankings is the transfers. We have transfers playing a lot snaps. Sills, Holmes, Antwine, to name a few. All those guys make an impact.

Also, right now I look at it as recruiting for what we need. We’re the best and deepest we’ve ever been defensively, so we’ve recruited well there, even if the rankings don’t say so. We are set to lose 22 players if no one transfers. 12 of them you could call starters. The replacement for those starters is already on the team for most positions and the 15 commits plus 1 transfer replace all but 7 positions that are outgoing. With few exceptional recruits on the offer list, I assume we’d leave some room for some transfers. I also think we might need some help at RB and CB.

What do you guys think we need most for next season?

A coach!

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It’s kind a like a broken record with some. Ar1 Is always on the coach. One point u have is pay. Ku pays miles 2.5 to lose. Ksu just up their to 4 a yr. Age both those 2 r the same or older. Recruits how many 4 stars do state of oklahoma have a yr. We compete in Texas with like 40 schools. How well do r 4 stars do when they do come( as good as Texas). I do think rite now up and down the line, this coaching staff is the best. Gundy has ever had. This Hubbard deal lost us recruits.
If we can hang in this yr, I see it getting better.

Sure after 15 years everything is going to click and Gundy will start recruiting and winning the conference. That happens every day.

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One big 12 championship. No need to explain

It’s not about just 4 stars in Oklahoma. There are a ton in California, Texas, and Florida.

Exactly!!! He’s had a chance to win 4 of them so far. He’s 1-3 in that category.

Coach we have. Recruiting we need to do better. Why not a ‘special team’ for recruiting?

Good point. That WOULD help significantly.

I might agree with you if we had 4 wins against OU in the last 15 years like K State does. Or if we averaged better than 4th in the conference or maybe finished in the top 25 two thirds of the time. But instead we are going to brag about our wins while avoiding games against teams with talent.

U guys r a broken record. How’s ur life’s r u president of USA or at least a bank maybe CEO. Gift child hot wife. I mean u want the best coach r u the best fan( no not a bit). R u the best recruiter( I doubt u guys play well with others) I guess if u r crying about Gundy u’ll leave silly remarks about the rest of the team

You mullet worshipers are all alike, "Gundy’s won more games than any OSU coach in history " (he’s also lost more games than any OSU coach in history) "Gundy’s made us the 2nd best team in the conference " (we average 4th in the conference) "No one has done better against OU in the last 15 years " (Texas has won 7, K State has won 4,Texas Tech has won 4, Baylor has won 3)

When u have more losses then most of are coaches have games. That sound like Gundy’s just down right bad. Least bring it into context. Check his winning percentage. Ar1 mullet in the way you use it is a racist term. Don’t make out like your not doing so. Your great ou coach lost another lead in the 4th. Just lucky he was playing against Yurich. It’s hard for riley his great skills off this yr. You like to use parts of facts to make points, reality does always work out for u does it. Only pappy has a better winning percentage. It was either u or joe that told all of us how we haven’t play a defense. Pointing out ou Texas and tcu, out of 9 games only tcu has kept a team under 31.( ksu with a backup). Try to think before u state your feelings over knowledge. Lmao

We didn’t land Jeffrey Bassa which would have been a big framed defender but we are still high on the list of Nick Martin, a higher rated LB prospect. Have you guys watched his tape? The violence. Its crazy. And this is his sophomore tape.