Recruiting Roundup: OSU Offers Some Exciting Playmakers for 2023, 2024

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Gundy & Co. doled out a handful of offers this week.

Wait you mean schools like LSU recruit 3 :star:?! :scream: that can’t be right

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Dnt tell Joe he won’t understand.

I didn’t see Pitt and Oregon State listed as offering any of these guys.


U really are quite a weird guy. I dnt care who recruiting who. Only to point out to u and Joe.
One thing is I’ve never cared about osu or pitt. Alabama was on that list so.
U worry about the stupidest things.
I’m here for u buddy it’ll be ok gundy is still coaching, take that last swig of moonshine and get some sleep

Yes they do recruit three star guys. However, they don’t throw them on the field immediately. When they go to LSU they’ll be lucky to even step on the field. What’s a 3rd stringer for LSU usually ends up being a starter or 2nd stringer for us.

Oh then Brennan Presley should have never stepped foot on the field? Wow so contradictory

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U do know ur talking to a football guru. He knows about recruiting, coaching and all things football.

I’ve never said that a three star player can’t be good. Presley is one of the few exceptions. All I’m saying is statistically speaking four star recruits or higher get drafted more often and usually higher than three star recruits.

There is a reason schools want those players. That’s because it will make them a better team. That’s not my opinion but statistical facts. Don’t argue with me about it. Argue with the statistics.

3 out of r 4 were 3 stars. I think ur learning that all 3 stars are a piece of trash u can degrade.

I’m not talking about just OSU. I’m talking about college football as a whole. If I’m not mistaken it’s not OSU sending multiple players into the first or second round of the draft.

That’s what I mean by statistically speaking three star recruits don’t get drafted as much or do as well as most four star recruits or higher. It’s just human nature. Very few three star recruits meet the exception.

Then again, I must realize I’m also trying to talk sense to a person that’s had so much Orange koolaid shoved up his A$$ by Gundy that he can’t perceive who is actually speaking truth and who isn’t.

Unlike u I know what u were saying. I was adding to the fact of more 3 stars getting drafted.
Like usaul make funny of osu not kool, there are alot of orange kool aid going around campus.
Truth thats funny. Real truth or ur truth.
There r two things u dnt like on is going to the title game.
Fact gundy would have lead us to 3 title games 11,15,16. So thats 5 years ago.
Don’t say welllll there was no title game. The fact is being 2nd is what u want well last was 5years ago.
Grow up
Bedlam. Thats sucks but gundy does more lot more then bad.

I definitely agree that this is true, but statistically speaking if a four or five star is really interested in us and ou or bama come calling they aren’t coming to Oklahoma state I mean it sucks, maybe we can start getting a few more soon.

The key word in there is WOULD. The word would doesn’t mean any action is being completed. You forgot to put 2013 in there. So that would make Gundy 1-3. Hope you enjoy keeping a coach that keeps proving he can’t win the big ones.

Was 2013 actually a bottom half of tie.fir 2nd.
There is no would or if. U are happy with second place 5 years ago we were 2nd.
U most be talking about riley. He has no upsets .
The big game is not coming to ou. U know the last big game riley was in he lost by 35. The only score is worse was the last time miles coaches osu against ou. That was what 52 to 9?
See like usaul joe u want a chance to go to the champ game. But u wouldn’t count the times he got want u wanted. Double standards Joey.

I didn’t have a problem with how they placed in 2015 given they were still a young team. What I have a problem with is not beating any good teams. You seem to forget the Sugar bowl against Ole Miss where we were down 34-6 at the half.

I also have a problem with the 2017 team. Do you remember? Bedlam for the Big 12 title!!! Except the problem was we lost our conference opener (once again) and in some way found ourselves down at home 42-14 at one point against K State. At least Riley had a lead in his game against K State. He didn’t get completely owned on his own turf from start to finish.

Like I said bring up riley, he has never won an upset and can’t hold 4th quarter leads.
U really have this chicken little syndrome.

Like I said bring up K State and Riley. Gundy struggles against K State and got completely owned by them in 2017 and 2018. You have the Gundy a$$ kissing syndrome.

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U have downs

The guy makes millions to win… Recruiting is average at best. It’s disenchanting when I see him throw batting practice to his son instead of working the recruiting board to get better. Apparently improvement is not a requirement or there would be a change in leadership !!!