Recruiting Update: Cowboys Dole Out Offers to a Slew of Future Prospects

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OSU coaches have been busy building for the future.

Not a single offensive lineman?

None of this matters and we all know why. SOS

To of the osu haters. Got 10 months. And did pfb list all of the offers. Or, the ones they want to list. We got 70 offers out so far with 9 being o line. So are you guys crying or miss informed.

Where are you getting that information from? I’m under the assumption since we can’t seem to keep lineman that’s a position we should probably recruit more players at than normal. That way we don’t have to listen to all your excuses on why the offensive line has to be garbage.

I’d imagine they’re hitting what they believe to be the highlights. 247 has full offer lists.

He’s suspended lol.

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Good!!! Just a lot of the stuff is nothing but stupid hatred and utter nonsense that sometimes has nothing to do with the subject.

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How many should we get. Do you know how many are coming in? 6 well 5 since 1 would be here for 2 years. We have like 10 pwo too. And we still looking at 1 more.

If we can start the year with are top 10 there will or should be 2 new starters. Cole and Cooper should start.

Just saying it seems to be a consistent issue every single season barring injuries or not. It wasn’t great in 2021 because Warren and Sanders both had the ability to make it look better than it actually was. The last time it looked decent was 2019 and we were running the ball more that season. 2014, 2015, 2020, 2021, 2022 the offensive lines weren’t very good at all. In 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 the OL was more consistent but most of those years it was average. Not to mention the fact we had three NFL running backs on all those teams. We haven’t had a consistently good OL since Wickline’s last year.

Ive never said we had the best line in the world.

With dickey here there has been alot of issues out of his control. Its just not the oline to. Just with the line we have injuries, retirement, covid issues, and portal.
Sanders mite been a great running back but caused issues. We faced alot of 8 man fronts not because of our line. They wanted to force sanders to throw pics. Guy held the ball to long.

If we can break the injury bug the line will be good.

And I never said you did. I’m just saying it’s not been consistently good enough since Wickline left. Even when we had Tyreek Hill the line was incapable of making a push. His speed is what made up for everything. We didn’t have a consistent injury bug during the 2021 season and it was an average line at best made better by Warren’s ability to break tackles and make good cuts for a few extra yards. That was really evident in the 2021 CCG when he wasn’t able to play. If Dickey is as good as some people say he is then he should start doing what Wickline did. Go after the two or three star recruit that’s under the radar and develop them to be a consistently good offensive lineman.

If I were Dickey I would be screaming at the top of my lungs to Gundy and Weiberg to find solutions to address the NIL situation and go after more quality lineman in the portal from G5 schools. If you can’t get them from a BB school then find the best thing you can from the G5. You have people like Kenyatta Wright running around the state and the rest of the country contacting former players to find the funds for NIL packages while Gundy and Weiberg seem to be silent on the sidelines. That’s just flat out wrong if you ask me.

To much riting. Im not read that that crap. You always ignore alot of stuff. Why read it 3 times in the same novel

You don’t read anything I write and you’re going to tell me I’m the one ignoring stuff?

I read everything jug writes. Its always the same. More titles. Unlike you, wjo rites a novel, he repeats himself in a sentence. Why read a novel when its like a harlequin same thing with just nrw names for the characters. You dnt eben change the names.

You want to know how i knew how many offers we put out. You dnt even know all the playets names. Alot missing in your game.