Watching the LSU | OU game it became painfully apparent how low Gundy has let OSU Football sink since 2011 due to his inability to recruit top talent.

I was thinking the exact same thing. It was funny to watch OU get thrashed but at the same time I realized they would have hung 100 on us. When you combine his lack of recruiting with horrible play calling over the last 4 years OSU football has a problem that won’t be corrected until Gundy realizes he has flaws and that his methodologies are the main problem with our program. What I don’t understand is if he would realize that if our talent level grew slightly, combined with our coaches ability enhance talent they wouldnt have to b perfect to win games. Right now with our talent level we can’t afford to make a single mistake. Look at last night, a muffed punt started the downward spiral and we couldn’t regain momentum

Loved watching OU get hammered! Would love to cheer for Big 12 but since we will never be able to beat OU down like that, I take it as I can get it.

This is sad. And true. And also frustrating.

An unfortunate truth, to say the least.

That said, seeing the Sooners get absolutely dismantled made our loss more tolerable

I wondered what the next move was after the sec went spread ?

I wanted OU to lose, but not embarrassingly so. Even if we came in and won the conference…no Big 12 team is making the playoff again for 3-5 years unless it expands to 8 teams. ND or Navy or USF will get in over OU or any other Big12 team. I’m sad about it.