Report: Big 12 Reaches New Media Rights Deal with ESPN, FOX

Originally published at: Report: Big 12 Reaches New Media Rights Deal with ESPN, FOX | Pistols Firing

The Big 12 appears to have pushed ahead of the Pac-12 in the power conference race.

Hell of a deal. Far cry from the 12 mill first thought of.
Add money with out texas and uo.

Now if we can get the 3rd tier take care beyound espn plus

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Good deal considering the blue bloods are heading to the SEC. Also to note, it’s reported that there’s a pro rate clause for future expansion

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Once OU & TX are gone, each Big 12 program will get 31 mil. The CURRENT SEC deal is 50 mil each.

Tomato slice you got 3 things wrong rite off tbe bat.
First you think we care what you say, beyond correctting you.
Second in what world does anyone think or said we would get more or even close to sec.
Third it was alot hire then tbe 12mill you told us we would get.

You do understand that the 31 mill is just tier 1 and 2 tv money.

I haven’t been on here in a handful of weeks…….& it’s taken 1 post to see you’re still the ignorant fool you were when I left.

You may dislike me. But im far from ignorant.
Your the one who said the big 12 won’t get any money. But we got a raise. When all said and done we should easily make 5 mill more then last year 40 million.

You havent been on hete for weeks and what do you start with. Sec crap. That i guess your the only one who was worried we would get more.

I’ll entertain this. The article itself…….contained much about the comparison between the differential in money for each Conf as well as bragging on (rightfully so) what a good job the Big 12 Commish did I’m securing the deal. Is it a good deal? Absolutely. Nowhere did I say otherwise. Is it also markedly less than a few others? Absolutely. I’m sure reading is hard for you…….so if you try to find the audio version of what it says……you’ll hear the same thing in the article. So calm down Chief. Like I’ve told you multiple times……everything doesn’t have to be a fight on here.

What i read from your first post was sec is still better.

We got a great deal for us it will not be less then most. It will be in the middle like when texas and ou where here. That is the kicker we did lose anything by losing ou and texas. Yes, sure Alabama will get ou and texas more money. We are still hope our whole will be 50 mill. It for sure be 45mill.

The SEC is a better Conf. That’s a fact. It is what it is. Therefore it’s got the best TV deal & it will only get better. That’s just a fact. I don’t say it to throw shade. The article says the same thing. The Big 12 got a good deal. Not GREAT. It’s a better deal than most thought it’d be. No clue what you’re arguing

I’m not gonna argue with you on what programs are valued. I know your stance. It’s not worth having.

I think your forgetting the big10.

This was a about big 12. But you came on going on about sec. You say you dnt want to fite but your still mumbling on about sec.

The deal was great. It showed how good your programs are with out tge dead weight blue bloods we had. I mean uo and texas aren’t tosu michigan or Alabama georgia.

None of this matters because the big boys will still be big boys and osu will still be crippled by gundy. Who ever thinks osu will dominate the conference after ou and Texas leaves are fools.

Somtimes reality needs to speak. Is Baylor or Kansas state or Iowa state going to still be in this conference? If so then good luck. Gundy has to go!!!. Maybe we can get a sunny dikes or any other coach that’s not stuck in the mud. I will take one conference championship in 4 years over 8 win seasons every year.only way to build a brand is win big and you don’t have too do that every year!

Roberto is like my grandma and she always looks for a deal but it’s not the best deal but she dosent care because she got a deal

Your real close with your family. Your daughter heard rumors about gundy. Your brother in-law was cry about a 2star qb gundy didnt want. And your grandmother isnt a good shopper. See why no one takes you serious. Your family is a failure so your lookibg for something you can say your a winner with. I feel for you.

CBS reported we will be at 47 per team

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There has been alot of numbers thrown around. If i remember rite during the virus year we got 13 mill. Put that with 32. 45mill is the low 50 is real. We will get jump in all that money.

For reference, we will also get about double what schools in the ACC will get, whose deal earns each member about $17M per year through 2036(!) if they don’t expand. Source

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