Report: Big 12 Tiebreaker Rules Set to be Clarified, Would Help Oklahoma State

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Logic will prevail, but how we got here isn’t the greatest look for the Big 12.

So is it true and confirmed? Feels like I have not seen any true confirmation.

K-State owns OU anyway. Should just go ahead and act like they played and KSU won.

OSU 2-0
KSU 1-1
OU 0-2.


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All the tiebreaker talk is a bit premature imo, because kstate hasn’t even played the two teams it needs to beat (isu & ku) in order to have an argument. And we all have games left. After what happened in Florida, there’s no telling how we do against Houston and BYU.

But driving home from work today, it was funny to hear the ou biased radio pundits already crying over OSU getting the nod if we all three remain tied. Bunch of entitled crybabies. The funny thing is, oklahoma isn’t jumping us And kstate no matter what. So why are they even upset?!

27-24, that’s why! Hahaha love the salt, Go Pokes

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One more thing…

I dont agree with everyone’s interpretation of the tiebreaker rules. I dont see how just because Okla and Kstate didnt play, you simply throw out the tied teams head-to-head matches. Suddenly, how we all did against lesser opponents matters more than how we did against each other? It makes no sense. Kstate and Oklahoma’s claim to the title game is weak weak weak

Why not combine the head-to-heads, plus the next two highest ranked? Let’s assume we all win out and see how that looks:

Okstate 3-1 (0 losses to tied team)
Kstate 2-1 (1 loss to tied team)
Oklahoma 1-2 (1 loss to tied team)

The losses to the teams your tied with have to matter more imho.


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I agree, since we beat them both head to head it’s not a true 3 way tie. Our head to head wins put us in second and they are in a two way tie for 3rd. If we had beat K-state, K-state beat OU and the OU beat us then it would be a true 3 way tie. Either way we have to take care of business the next two weeks.


Would be a real shame if we had a system where everyone played each other so we’d know who to put in the title game no questions asked.

Don’t you just love it. Makes you want to fill the bath with all the UO woe and lamentation and just soak in it.

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As long as we don’t choke off another game like we did this past weekend, we’ll be fine and playing in Arlington. The only real scenario where we could miss out is if ISU runs the table (beating UT and KSU, which I don’t consider likely). That would make a 4 way tie at two losses with OU, UT, OSU, and ISU. In which case, I believe OU and ISU would play in Arlington, based on winning percentages in matched games (OU & ISU would be .666, OSU would be .5, and UT would be .333).

Why do I have this feeling that even if we win out we’ll get screwed out of it.