Report: Five-Star Center Decommits from Michigan State, OSU Reaches Out

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Could Boynton get another Canadian?

Sorry, since this tall guy is also big bodied that means he will not end up in Stillwater since we just bring in underweight guys to play under the basket. After the season we are having I think it is going to be rough sledding for recruiting. Everyone is watching Cowboy basketball on tv this season because of the hype about Cade. That means the potential recruits are also seeing how bad we have been playing. Not good advertising when you are trying to sell a program. They see a team that has freshman who is going to be drafted in the NBA yet the team is not doing that well. Their fathers probably then tell them that the same thing happened when OSU had Marcus Smart for a few years. Cade was supposed to be our carrot to start bringing in some better talent but it might be backfiring. I doubt the recruits are going to hear the truth of the matter that the poor play is due to a few factors. One, transfer of Yor Anei. Two, injuries preventing Chris Harris and Donovan Williams from playing. And one guy having personal issues resulting in not playing and also leaving the program. Then some key players like Ice, M.A. and Rondell Walker playing with hampering injuries and a 3 point specialist was also injured for awhile. Boynton would have to explain all of this. Duke, North Carolina and Kansas don’t have to explain anything about their current poor seasons. Their reputations remain intact. Seems like Boynton is always having to swim upstream, no fault of his own. There is also another kid who recently had knee surgery and has not played, I forget his name.

Boynton always has a chance because he has snagged high recruits already and points out how hard he is recruiting. It’s almost like he feels like he is working for the university and not the university working for him​:face_with_monocle::thinking:. But this guy needs to figure out some coaching stuff pretty quick.