Report: Former OSU Quarterback J.W. Walsh to Join Cowboys Coaching Staff

Well from what I’ve seen Robert probably has the IQ squirrel so he might not know what plays are coming.

For on he cant even hand the ball of to an all America.
That’s nice u feel things for Sanders, but doesnt help him throw the ball.
Was sanders an all American this yr. He didn’t even get hm big12.
When throw over the middle u throw thur the dl ib who ever is on the receiver and the the safeties r behind. That’s 4 to 6 people sanders gets to throw to. I’m glad u believe he can.
U can say all u want but Gundy knows what Sanders can do(turnover machine).

So r u just picking on me or do u think Sanders can hit any pass. He cant throw to single covers let alone throw in the middle were the ball will seen by every body on it.

“There’s not a throw SS can’t make?” if it weren’t for his ability to scramble and make plays with his legs he wouldn’t be at a Power 5. He’s a good kid, and starting to become a good leader, but his passes are rarely on target. Go through every game, and I would bet that over 50% was the receiver having to adjust their route to the ball. Don’t get me started on his stats being inflated because we had a beast at WR1 for the past 2 years that would high point all sorts of under thrown balls, and go up and get the high thrown screen passes.

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If any one cares we took are first match with a shut out. Only brock and harris were scary

Yet you don’t factor that he has to target said #1 receiving target. Can’t give the kid credit for nothing, can you? Typical fan who has to blame the QB for everything. How’d that work out for you and the other naysayers in the bowl game? :thinking: :roll_eyes: :sob:

U can blame Gundy all u want. If u want to be blind to what Sanders has done that’s fine.
If he can get to 75% of what u think he can do we can be in the championship game next year.
But he needs to grow over the off season not thur the season.

The best is you jumped right to I can’t give the kid credit. I’ve given him credit when he’s done it. Not only did it while watching the bowl game (from the stadium) and seeing his reads. He usually will not go through his progressions, but when he does he’s effective (if he throws it accurate). He didn’t have to target #1 every time, but I do give him the benefit of the doubt (sometimes) for two reasons: 1. Our OL was in shambles almost all year. 2. I would target Wallace too, the man is a beast.

My response was to the comment of Sanders can make any throw. As good as his bowl game was, there were a few times his throw was caught but off the mark and eliminated the yac.

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So what exactly is his job as a offensive quality control coach? Co offensive Coordinator or just a film study guy for Dunn?