Report: Former OSU Quarterback J.W. Walsh to Join Cowboys Coaching Staff

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Walsh is coming back to his alma mater.

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Cue the music:

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Great news. He mite help Sanders.

this good news here makes up for all the bad news of the guys heading for the draft that aren’t ready


Can he recruit ?

This might signal a near future bigger move that Gundy has in mind for Walsh. If Gundy thinks Rattay might not be working out as QB coach, he would then promote Walsh for that position in a year or two. The thing J.T. needs to do is knock on Gundy’s door and tell him if he wants to improve the offense he needs to update the playbook. Something other than third down and long calls for a run or else a pass to the line of scrimmage in the hopes of doing the unexpected to catch the defense off guard. Then show Gundy the a video of the first quarter of the Cheez-it Bowl and tell him this is what the new offense should look like going forward. Then when Gundy replies by starting talking about the Cowboy culture, tell him to save that for the next press conference. Or just make J.T. Walsh’s father the new head coach at OSU.


Always liked J. W. … tough , gritty cerebral type player. Didn’t have the greatest arm but I liked his style


That’s funny. Tells us, we need to up date the playbook then use r playbook ( cheez-it bowl game)to show how to update. It’s not a word so is that a oxymoron statement. We have discussed the 3rd and longs, I think most people don’t want to see Sanders throwing on those kind of plays.
I’m always a fan of cowboy becoming coaches. He should bring in some emotion. Great to see it happen.

He can go ask his dad for players​:upside_down_face::star_struck::money_mouth_face::innocent::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

Oh happy day! Absolutely love this and have been saying for a couple of years, we need to bring JW back home. Could help w/ recruiting the studs in the Denton schools, but just a good overall dude.

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Most people realize we need to do SOMETHING w/ the playcalling. If you don’t think it’s far too often VERY.PREDICTABLE. maybe corrective lenses of some sort are in order…

I hear a few of u say this about the play calling. My question to u is it, we got an old playbook or we have to make it basic for the qb.
In 2018 we threw for 4000 yds top ten passing attack. So ur say that play book has become old that soon.
The reason we dont throw over the middle is a bad qb. U say its dangerous to be nice. U don’t say, we fill Sanders will throw a ton of pics if we throw over the middle.

Go back to all Gundy’s QBs, where do they throw most pics. Over the middle. So when u got a turnover machine do u throw over the middle.

Big reward though throwing over the middle. It just shows the conservativeness of gundy. Just like a 401k you play the middle to not loos a lot of money but not make a lot of money which in football is where gundy and the osu cowboys find themselves in year after year is in the what? The middle. This is good for gundy’s consecutive bowl appearances which is all he has to hang his hat on and does in my opinion. Let’s get better by trying because if you don’t try one thing is certain…you never will.


Hopefully Walsh can get a head coach at acouple lower level colleges and work his way up to us someday.

So u think throw over the middle with Sanders would have payed off

Can a quality control coach go on the road and recruit? If he can, it could be huge as far as recruiting Texas athletes …and their coaches


Good!!! Maybe he can show Gundy that passing to the middle of the field to a speedy receiver isn’t always a bad option.

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One could only hope.

Do you really think it’s in any QB’s interest to limit the plays he can run? It doesn’t take a genius to know that opposing coaches and defensive players watch film to study tendencies. What plays can Sanders not make?

You experts always want to blame the kid, I get it, but it’s silly and shows a lack of understanding of the game. There’s not a throw SS can’t make, just admit it, Gumby is afraid to throw it across the middle and won’t throw to Cowboy backs more than twice per game on average.