Report: Jim Knowles Interviews at Illinois

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Could Illinois steal another OSU coach?

That leaves us about to go after bo pelini. I love his third down. But other then that like to see better

Can’t let him go. Especially to a bad team.

I don’t want anything to do with a coach that got fired after 1 season

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I don’t understand why knowles would do this for anything other than more money. Taking a lateral position at a god awful school with zero football momentum and worse players just doesn’t make much sense to me. If he has one more good season in Stillwater, someone will want him as their top dog for sure.


Would that be before or after Gundy wins the conference.

I fail to see what this has to do with Jim knowles.


I guess Knowles was never a fan of the motto Loyal and True. This is not a lateral move because Illinois is seldom good at football. This is a backwards move. So I guess it must be rough on a family having to survive these days on an income of $800,000. He and Brad Underwood should become good buddies, they seem to share similar values.

I’m guessing he learned this play from the master of weaseling OSU out of money. Take an interview for a BS job and watch the checks flow.

1.) Loyalty is not an issue. It’s his livelihood. If Illinois pays him more or he thinks it’ll boost his career prospects, he should take it, and he should hear out anyone who wants to talk to him.
2.) Knowles is the best defensive coach we’ve had in Gundy’s tenure. I didn’t think we could get a defense this good. I would hate to see this happen. Hopefully, they will pay him if that’s what he needs.

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I’m fine with a pay raise after this season. He did a great job with the defense especially considering the terrible spot they were put in all season by the awful offense. He earned it compared to his boss.

Article I read said they had a 5 million budget for assistances. Don’t think he would get much of a raise with 10 assistances Especially for a big mouth like Bielema. He was trash at Arkansas :joy: I hope we keep him, he’s improved every year

He has been fired at alot of place which do u refer.:upside_down_face::innocent::money_mouth_face::thinking::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

Money may not even be the reason he’s exploring options.

Yea if Gundy is getting a up grade

It is a no brainer if a person can go from 800K to 3+ million, near the end of his career, it is a no brainer. The only two things keeping him in Stillwater are his appreciation for Gundy and to win championships. That likely won’t happen at Illinois.

Knowles not going to make 3 million is that what ur saying? If that’s the case more power to him

If they’re going to offer him anything like that then more power to him.

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Bo Bu$tlini? No thanks, only thing he’s good at is SCREAMING!