Report: Mike Boynton Expected to Join Dusty May at Michigan as Assistant

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Boynton could soon be a Michigan man.

This would be a great hire by May. Boyton is a top assistant (maybe the best). Hopefully he gains lots of knowledge and can progress back into head coaching (once he gets more experience).

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I wish him well

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I mean just have him recruit and bring Cade up the road to help with a recruit .

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In related news, Brandon Garrison was seen having lunch in Ann Arbor Michigan.


I think two others may have lunch with a Wolverine,

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So…Garrison, Dailey, and Williams…Wolverines?!? Crud…

Dusty May isn’t stupid. Shrewd move. This move likely pays immediate dividends through the portal. Plus Boynton is a proven recruiter.

I’m glad for Boynton. But this just makes the job that much harder for Steve Lutz.

Looks like lots of loyalty for Boynton…not much to OSU (which has been paying their way fyi). Doesn’t say much for Boynton. Sounds like the guy that left OU for SCal and made sure to take the best players with him.

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