Report: Mike Gundy Continues $1 Million Pay Cut

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It’ll be $4.375 million again for Gundy.

I would like to see him restructure his deal to a pay for performance style contract. Maybe that would light a fire under his backside?

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Ur rite 4 million for a winning record and half what they get in a bowl. Lmao that a raise for him.

It looks like Holder and company have chosen to save money instead of trying to move the program forward.

Holder is gone friday.

He leaves with a football program that is settling for 4th instead of making the decision to strive for excellence. A coach who gives up on the game and his team early in the 4th quarter.

Let’s see how long the next guy will let the Bedlam loses stack up and 4th or lower finishes with no appearances in the conference championship game. The best example of "little brother syndrome " is the additude of "we’re better than we once were ".

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Blah blah blah ur crying again

This will not end well. Looks like Gundy has been in the ear of the new AD. I’m glad he agreed to a pay cut because it’s pretty obvious he was being paid more than what he’s currently worth as a HC.

Your right though. Nothing screams “Get rid of me!!!” more than a HC settling for less on the pay scale and the record books. Gundy couldn’t even get fired if he tried at OSU because of how fooled everyone is.

I just hope nobody around here expects to win a bedlam game or appear for a conference title anytime soon if we’re going to sacrifice saving money to keep a dude that can’t win a game even after winning the turnover battle by 4+.

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I’m glad u fill the need to waste our time with ur crying

I’m glad you feel the need to waste your time replying.

If not now, when? Where’s the desire to want more? Is everyone content with 4th in the conference? First we let Baylor go from the bottom of the conference to winning the conference back to the bottom then playing in the conference championship game. Now we let Iowa State go from the bottom of the conference to playing for a conference championship. Are we waiting for Kansas to play for conference title before we decide to try for something better than 4th?


Not sure why people are blaming Gundy. I think the fact is the top players want OU but not OSU period. End of story. OU is great, OSU is good. That is a major difference. If you’re a great player you want to showcase your stuff on a great team. Cade Cunningham was an exception to the rule and we all know why that was.