Report: Nick Suriano Unlikely to Wrestle This NCAA Season

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It looks like the man who beat Fix at the NCAA tournament in 2019 will not be competing this season.

It’s one less guy to worry about​:hugs::upside_down_face::innocent::money_mouth_face::cowboy_hat_face:

Who will likely wrestle for us at 133 until Fix finishes suspension?

While this definitely helps Daton’s chances of winning the title, I hate that he will not be able to avenge getting scammed in 2019. I will never be convinced that Daton did not win that match. He was clearly the best wrestler at 133.

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I thought Fix and Suriano looked evenly matched, both at the same level of skill. But NIck clearly grabbed the headgear but Fix lost the match by complaining to the ref instead of continuing to wrestle. Call it a freshman mental mistake of losing focus. That weight class is going to be really rugged. The thing that concerns me the most is what John Smith said, Fix because of the Olympic redshirt has not wrestled enough. He needs to wrestle. But because of the suspension he will have less matches.

Just a guess: but you you have a couple of scenarios: Brock could move to his more natural weight and wrestle 133 and Gfeller would wrestle at 141. Or Mastrogiovanni could move up to 133 and Jakason would wrestle at 125. I the long term I see Mastro at 125, Fix at 133 and Brock/Gfeller at 141. I see four true freshman wrestling this season…Plott at 174 or I87, Ferrari at 197 and Doccett at Hwy and Mastro at 125.

I know were going to have some freshmen. I dnt see all 4.