Report: Oregon, Washington Leaving Pac-12 for Big Ten

Originally published at: Report: Oregon, Washington Leaving Pac-12 for Big Ten – Pistols Firing

Is this the end of the Pac?

They have to, if they don’t they’re relegated to obscurity.

Even a Big 10 half share is more than Big 12 can offer.
Is what it is for all of us Big 12 fans not living back east or rust belt.

Let’s all hold a moment of silence for the death of the PAC12.

Oregon football was in no danger of falling off the map. That program/university check all the boxes on what you need to do to stay relevant. This move enhances their brand & was done out of upping their program. It wasn’t done out of needing yo stay relevant

That was meant in regards to the last couple sentences talking about the remaining 3 corner schools.

So can we now say Power 4 conferences instead of Power 5? Does this affect the expanded playoff?

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Depending on how many more teams leave and if the pac 12 is still a conference at the end of it. I think it just means the PAC 12 champ is going to have an almost non existent chance at being a top 4 seed and getting a bye. I think this gives the ACC and Big 12 a huge advantage in their champ receiving a bye.

If I was Brett Yormark…

TODAY I would send a group email to Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, Washington State and Oregon State presidents/ADs. All the email would say is:

“First Three Get In.”

@FreeDrop If those two were Oregon St & Wash St…….the Conf adds two members that do zero for your Conf & dilute your payout. That’s a bad business model

I’d just take Arizona at this point.

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Why “just Arizona”?!?! They aren’t even the best football program in the state

Three reasons:

  1. UA, across the board, is more attractive than ASU. Arizona basketball, for instance, is top tier. And, recent trends in football are favorable to UA over ASU;
  2. UA at least acts like they want to come. ASU might come – but only if they HAVE to; and
  3. ESPN would prefer the Big 12 keep it at 14. Yormark wants to be a good partner.

Leaves more room for Pitt, Louisville, VT, NC State in the future.

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Well the TV networks got what they wanted, it’s their money driving all this change. For those of you who don’t think that money is ruining college football looking at you @KetchupSicle , traditions for sure perhaps even more, try convincing fans of PAC-12 football of that.

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Dude…….you need to go do some history on the football programs in Arizona. ASU is the better program & has been.

Agree that Arizona basketball is pretty good. But they’ve made 1 final four the last 20 years. OU has been twice since Zona has.

Arizona brings nothing in football. Zero.

Bear Down!!!

“Fans of the PAC 12”…….the only programs that really get fan support is Oregon, Washington, USC & Utah. You think Oregon trading in Cal/Stanford/Arizona/ASU/ for Ohio St/Mich/Penn St/Wisconsin…….is LOSING fan support? You think
that’s going to result in FEWER people watching!!! Hell no. Go look at the attendance of those programs. No one cares. Wash St. Ore St. Cal……how many big, prime time games are those programs in!!! The college football world is gonna be just fine brotha

You think a 5 game lead in 100 years is an indication of who the better program is?!?!

USC leads UCLA by 3 games. If UCLA wins 3 straight……you gonna tell me they’re even?!?!

Texas leads the Red River Rivalry by 13 games. No one puts Texas as a better historical program than OU.

Kansas leads KState series by 13. Is KU a better program?

No, just simply pointing out that Arizona State has a better winning percentage overall as a program. Yet, they can’t beat Arizona. Bear Down!!!

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Yea I figured you would spin things to something other than money but it is a fact that the money is what all the schools are chasing and the TV networks are deciding where the money goes, They are the ones making the decisions.