Report: Orioles Calling Up Top Prospect Jackson Holliday to MLB

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Holliday has OSU roots.

And we care about this why? I don’t understand the fascination on this site with individuals who have, at best, a tangential relationship with OSU. It reeks of fanboyism. Who cares that he was an OSU “commit?” As we’ve seen time and again, these “commitments” aren’t worth the paper they’re not written on.

If you haven’t set foot on the OSU campus in an official capacity as either a coach or player, I’m not interested. I have no ill will toward Jackson, but I’m an OSU fan, not an MLB groupie. If you haven’t contributed to OSU, then I don’t care. Right now, his only claim to OSU fame is that he’s the nephew of our baseball coach.

Why don’t we track down Henry Iba’s great grand nephews and see what they’re up to? They’re just as relevant to OSU.

I live in Baltimore so I might watch the kid on TV.
His nickname should be baby face.
We all wish he would have played one season at OSU.
Orioles always hoping to find the next Cal Ripken, Jr.
Orioles have had some good prospects. Manny Machado and Adley Rutschman.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. If a player didn’t attend OSU ever, don’t waste the time or words covering them. Don’t care.

Watched him grow up going to OSU basketball games with his dad. Probably attended more games than most posters on this blog.

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Just left work. Listening to Tom Dirato talk about Jackson. I can’t win. :joy:

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Perhaps, but many people have attended many games and we don’t get articles on their non-OSU related careers moves.