Report: OSU Quarterback Shane Illingworth Tests Positive for COVID-19

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OSU will be without QB2 this weekend.

Not good news especially if Sanders is not 100% healthy. I would hate to see number 3 QB in there again. This will be remembered as the season of super bad voodoo luck for Cowboy football.

I would hang it up now and save us the embarrassment.

Gundy will try and run more trick plays and play like he should aginst ou following the bedlam game like every year. Not going to watch the game. This year is a bust

That OU game seems shady to me. They shouldn’t have played. OU is having an outbreak and now OSU players are testing positive. Did OU just want to squeeze the game in knowing they had covid issues? Seems wreckless.

Can we just go ahead and cancel the season? I have a feeling the pokes are probably going to lose to Tech for the third year in a row anyway. Can we please just save the embarrassment of this football season, and put all our optimism toward basketball?

The head coach of OSU football has already raised the white flag and this team looks even worse the further into the season they go. Just hang it up and work towards next season.

Next season could be worse. Same o-line issues. LD at RB1 but no sure thing lined up at RB2. Lose some pieces on defense. Lose two stud receivers. Spencer developing is no longer a guarantee at this point. Same burnt out, gutless, and mediocre head coach. This is death by a thousand small cuts. I’m done buying in until Holder/Weiberg replace Gundy.

You mean you aren’t looking forward to a 2014 type of season?

You aren’t looking forward to the mountain of excuses by the HC?

You don’t want to see more interceptions?

You don’t want to see another pay raise given to a burn out coach?

That’s the wrong answer sir!!! Sounds like you need to be injected with a Cowboy Culture vaccine and have a Gundy Mullet super glued to your head.

This is the best coach in school history we’re talking about here!!! The fan base should never question him, and as long as we keep making it to the Liberty Bowl all is well.

What did you expect? A few bedlam victories and conference title appearances? This is Cowboy Culture at its best!!! Now enjoy your thanksgiving and keep watching reruns of the 2011 bedlam game still on your DVR!!!

Could be 14 again, but this time without the Cheetah return to save Bedlam. Honestly, the only thing that makes me think we make a bowl, is the non-conference schedule. K-State will improve under Kleiman, Texas will move on from Herman if at all possible so they could improve, Lincoln is ROLLING right now, Campbell is ROLLING in Ames…TCU will move on from Patterson if they don’t improve. Dave Aranda is going to figure it out in Waco (maybe). Only conference wins I see are Kansas, Tech, and maybe WV. I just don’t have it in me to support Gundy’s mediocrity or Holder allowing it to continue to fester.

Here is what Herman DOES have going for him. Texas has been to the Big 12 CCG (Which OSU hasn’t done). They won their New Years Six bowl game (OSU got embarrassed in theirs). They actually still control their own destiny for the Big 12 CCG this year (Which OSU’s is extremely slim).

IF Texas does decided after this season that Herman isn’t the future it does not bode too well for Mike Gundy in my opinion. Because if Texas does decide to go after Urban Meyer and he takes the job. That will all but seal OSU’s fate and optimism of ever getting to the 2nd place spot in the Big 12 (Which Gundy has failed to do except in 2015).

Regardless of what Texas’ leadership does with Herman, our fate is sealed with Gundy.

Well piss when Sanders throws 5 picks we’ll have no one to bring in. I say we give true freshman Nolan McLean a shot. He’s a dual scholarship in football and baseball, was gonna get drafted to MLB before Covid shortened draft. I say we roll him out there and let him sling the rock around at 95+. Be fun to watch if nothing else.

Besides the K State game. Sanders has thrown a pick in every game he’s played this season (except the OU interception was a little questionable). Does Tim Rattay not teach any of the Quarterbacks that a pump fake might be helpful when a defender is right in front of their passing lane?

Heck the way Sanders fumbles he’s probably scared too. He’ll go to hit the pump fake and the ball will come squirting out.

Well looks like we’ll just have to make do with Ethan Bullock. So which one do you want?

I say we put Jelani back there and run the wing T.

I’m just trying to figure out what our offensive identity is. Are we Texas Tech or K State? Which one is it? Because we act like we want to play fast and then we follow it up with a K State like point of attack.