Report: OSU Reaches Out to Sun Belt Player of the Year DeVante' Jones

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Jones averaged 19 points a game last season.

This theory that these guys who are not even considered top 60 guys in college thinking that a team is going to draft them is very slim to none.

I don’t get the hassle of declaring for the NBA when scouts and others that know what they’re talking about will straight up tell you it’s probably not going to happen.

These guys just need to stay in college another year or so and continue to develop their game. It’s like Mike Gundy saying he’s going to go be a head coach in the NFL. Probably not going to happen.

We have 4 scholarships to give, one of which is going to Newton. B.Williams scholarship does not count whether he stays or goes. If he stays, we can have up to 14 scholarship players on the roster for next year. And Dee is only going to be on scholarship if we don’t fill all scholarships.

He drop 32 on west Virginia as a freshman. Shoots above 80% ft. Got some nice #'s