Report: Spencer Sanders to Start Iowa State Game

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Spencer Sanders is back.

That’s 1!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting a little sick and tired of watching this offense over the past 2-3 seasons get to the red zone and either:

  1. Turn it over
  2. Settle for a FG
  3. Miss a FG

I think Gundy should really emphasize spending practice time in red zone offense. Looks like he’s trying to go at the strength of ISU defense and run it. Interception gets thrown and now he’s scared to throw the ball. No balls!!!

Put Illingworth in the game please!!! I’ve seen all I need to see with the Spencer Sanders project the past season and a half. .

You aren’t going to beat Iowa State by running the ball against the ISU defense behind a bunch of backup offensive lineman. We need a passer and Wallace needs to burn this ISU secondary so it gives Hubbard and Brown some room to work.

That’s 2!

Spencer Sanders is gonna get benched in this game if he keeps giving it to Iowa State.

The defense has once again been keeping OSU in the game. Eventually, they are going to get tired and give up some yards (Just like the TD run by Breece Hall just now).

Offense better get their act together!!!

Can we stop this “playing not to lose” crap? It’s only a 10 point lead and 7:30 left in the game is plenty of time for stuff to go wrong for OSU and momentum to shift. Just got for it on 4th and 2 for the first down and wipe more time off the clock. It’s the 40 yard line.