Report: Tylan Wallace Runs a Sub-4.40 40-Yard Dash at EXOS Pro Day

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Tylan checks another box as we inch toward the NFL Draft.

That is great time. We know last year green blow his time and more and likely cost him a draft

I’d say the ACL healed quite nicely. Haha! Assuming GM’s paid attention to that time, he just made a little extra money. Good for Tylan. Wish him nothing but the best.

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I wish KC would get him but wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see him go to Cleveland.

4.39: definitely made Tylan some cash. I was predicting 4.45ish for him. Bravo.

Would have been like taking candy from a baby if the captain of this ship were to use more of the rout tree instead of go long and see if we draw a flag. Good for him tho and I expect him to do very well in the nfl if his knee holds up. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he ends up being a multiple pro bowler. Go pokes!

I heard an espn analyst yesterday talking about he is at a disadvantage because osu doesn’t use many different routs with our receivers and I totally agree :100:. I also think if he played in Norman’s offense he is a 1st round pick. It is what it is​:man_shrugging:. He will show how good he can really be with a playbook that has more than one rout in it.

The knee should be the only question mark when it comes to this great talent. With his knee he might have a very short NFL career and the GMs realize that. So he might not go in the earlier rounds. As Cowboy fans we have been blessed with seeing some amazing talent displayed while on mediocre teams. I continue to wonder what we would have accomplished if we had another season with Tyreek Hill or if Dez would have been allowed to have his full season instead of his ban for telling a lie to the NCAA? Been blessed with a string of great receivers and running backs. Now all we need is a string of great QBs capable of playing in the NFL. I would think that these great high school QBs are aware of our history with receivers and RBs and therefore they might want to consider OSU as their landing spot. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Totally agree. Run long to the right side of the field and then jump higher than the defender. That was his main route. I complain each season about the outdated playbook. Does an AD ever have a sit down with coach Gundy to offer some suggestions since Gundy does have a boss here? I guess Gundy has been given a long leash and ADs avoid giving that kind of input to a head coach. But when is enough enough? They hire new OC’s and they end up using the existing playbook. The truly gifted OC’s are so good while at OSU that they move on to greener pastures very quickly. Then Gundy promotes a great coach in his own right, but he has no experience as OC. I continue to question that.

So holden is what go to tell him to grip his shaft frim and drive the ball long and fair. It would make the same sense to ask holden as u two.
Its funny but we did throw for 4000 yrds and 32 tds in 2018. I’m not an expert i just play one one this site. Thats alot of passing offense.
But u two genius know more

If u want dez and hill u could become a goon fan or get holden to hire miles back. I here he is back in the news for over looking bad things.

Your a tool Robert when it comes to viewing sports I got to say lol. Then ask me this one thing…what did those yards and touchdowns win us Robert?

That’s not Enough passing yards to win the big twelve like we did in 2011. We had 4,727. So Robert I’ll do the math for you…that’s 727 more yards and we had an offensive coordinator that told gundy to shove it and he ran his offense not gundy’s. That is what gundy said not me.

I wish I had a good explanation for gundy’s reasoning but I don’t and that is what baffles me and others. If I had to guess from viewing him and his offense the last decade is he coaches percentages instead of innovation. You might have seen money ball the movie and if you did then that’s what I’m talking about. He takes his plays and runs the ones that has the best percentage of completing yards hints why we see very little innovation and seems very vanilla. Not a bad idea but he never updates or puts any innovations to the playbook and runs the same plays year in and year out. Anyways any coach that coaches at osu that thinks or acts like when we play our rivals that it’s just another game then he needs to pack his bags. He should be let go just for this one reason alone.

He was 4th national. Had 500 per game in total yards. That was like 11 th national.
We had the worst defense.
Any way we could of been in the con champ game this year with not any where near 2018 offence. Only Sanders made a play or not make a play. 42 td from the 2018 would have been plenty of td.
We went 4 and 1 against ranked teams an extra point away from 5 and 0 and bedlam win. Thats what it got us.
Ur another one of those guys that believes what a coach says. Do U huddle around the TV waiting for post game comments. How many coach come out and say what they real want to say. In 2011 we were run 90 plays a game. Ever what 15 sec they had to get two reads in. Oc had better be calling the plays.
I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about. But I guess u and Sanders down at the bar will fix it.

You keep talking but with no substance over and over. Robert, he’s not good anymore I don’t know what to tell you buddy🤷‍♂️ Your going to have to come to grips with it sometime. You still didn’t answer my question that I ask you what has those yards and touchdowns got us? All I heard is we could have and would have and we were close bla bla bla man. Don’t wast my time anymore about how good gundy is cause it’s a lie that you keep telling yourself. People get old and time passes them by and this is the case here.

He is 54 ur an idiot. U have not substance. Be like Joe and want miles and leach.
U r thinking of a 35 yr old coming in jumping up and down like a ape. Recruiting 20 5 :star2:
Look I know we have gone 15 years in a row with winnings seasons. And I know gundy will be here next year. So if anyone needs to get a grip and are delusional that would be jeffy

Where’s the hardware Robert? Where is the championships Robert? Where are we in the recruiting rankings Robert? Where did all the money go that boon gave gundy Robert? Where did the bump in money that holder gave gundy for recruiting Robert? Why do we have a football team if our goals arnt to win a championship? Your like a dingell barry on gundy’s ball sack that I wish he would get rid of. Answer me this…why do people play sports?

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When gundy is gone I hope we fine some good coach. Until then I will suffer.
U know when they start paying players it will get worse.
If ur going to use a saying then use it rite idiot. Ur lil berry’s are on the ess not the balls. But if u think of Gundy’s balls go ahead.