Report: Western Kentucky's Steve Lutz Emerging as 'Serious Candidate' for Oklahoma State Vacancy

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Lutz has never missed the NCAA Tournament as a head coach.

My gut feeling is that he’s going to be the next HC.
While he does he good pedigree as an assistant and his HC resume looks promising (small sample size not withstanding), I think the main reason he has the inside track is that OSU could probably get him on the cheap.
His currently salary at Western Kentucky is 650K a year. In theory, you could offer triple his salary and it would still be under 2M a year. You could use that extra money to either pay the various buyouts and/or NIL.
Guess will see soon enough.


Seems like our kind of hire . Best of luck to him . Wonder if he can take us to the dance next year ?


Not who I was hoping we would end up with but it’s better than Alford. Glad I won’t have to listen anymore Doug talk once this goes through.


Seems like a great hire!

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After reading some of the attached pieces on Alford, I was far less enamored with him. I was thinking we’d be after the lesser Drew from GCU. And was feeling good about it.

Not sure what to make of Lutz. Ford came from a directional Kentucky school (Eastern), taking them to the tourney one year, before doing well at UMass. Lutz seems to have a better record, but who knows? Nothing seems certain at this point.

I’m glad we aren’t hearing more about the CSU dude. He seems less than impressive.


Looked up some articles on Lutz and his record. I came away thinking that of all the candidates I’ve seen as possibilities, he might be the best fit at OSU. Much more immediate success at two different programs, and also an older guy with a good record as an assistant and recruiter at some bigger programs. Bit of a defensive guru too. Kind of a compromise between an up-and-comer like Drew and a veteran like Alford.

No guarantees, but I think he’d be the safest pick, and I’d be intrigued to see how he would do.

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More of the same. Unproven in the toughest conference.
It takes a great coach to succeed here.
Not getting my hopes up at all.
But no hall of Fame coach was interested in the job. So I won’t blame Chad if this is a bust. 3 yr contract at best. Low buyout.
Nothing to get excited about.
We obviously couldn’t go after Huggins with his drinking problems.

The guy hasn’t even been officially announced yet and you’re already whinging.



Sounds promising.

Drink or not if the dude can coach he can coach. I’d rather him be drunk while winning than sober when losing.


We had that with Eddie for several years and it ended bad for him. Not sure that’s the route OSU wants to repeat.

This Lutz has been a head coach for 3 years and been to 3 tournaments? Track record is good so far. Who knows?


I think we would all want a blue blood coach, but you’re not going to find those. They aren’t available. Our best shot is Self and we know that’s a very small chance if at all.

Who actually meets your criteria? Bill Self maybe? Did you expect OSU to pull Coach K out of retirement? I don’t know if this guy will be any good or not, but they don’t make enough MJ in Florida to get as high as you sound with posts like this.

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Less than exciting hire but could still be good. Won’t put one new butt in a seat until he starts winning and it’s awful late for that to happen this first year.

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For him maybe, but not for the program. If I recall, we won the conference a couple of times and made it to the Final Four under Eddie a couple of times. There was almost always no question if we would make the tournament or not either. Now we can’t even be good enough for the NIT!!!

True there but his conference record in teo of his 3 seasons has been .500 is weak conferences. He is 0-8 against power 5 schools ajd would be coming into the toughest league in America that is only getting harder next season. He would have to bring in half or more of 13 scholarships to even field a team as i doubt he could convince garrison, small or dailey to stay as this guy wont bring in enough excitment to bring in any more NIL money to pay them enough. I wouod wish him the best but expectations are really low.

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I think he could be successful at OSU if thats who we get…my issue is he hasnt beaten a power 5 school in 8 tries and got manhandeled in most of them. His defenses have been pretty good shooting defensive-wise but his scoring defense this year ranked 252 and this is in a really weak conference. We only get harder with Arizona and Colorado coming in making his odds worse. With us more than likely losing half of the team and losing out on 2 weeks already of the transfer portal, matters are worse for him. The odds arent in his favor but i remain as optimistic as i can.

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We broke as a joke. With no money just keep getting these unproven guys with 3 year contracts no more till you strike gold. With very little money compared to about every team in the big twelve I don’t expect much in the hires but at least they are trying finally. Money is the reason Mike is still here plain and simple or he would have been gone years ago. New blood feels good. Keeps people buying tickets interested.