Resetting Expectations: What to Make of Oklahoma State Basketball in 2020

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J-curves and L-curves and the future of GIA.

Nailed it for me. The seniors have been less than stellar. Besides Lindy Waters, who at times has been good and at times has been… on the court, not much production.

Chris Harris may be one of the recruits I’ve been most excited for and most wrong about. He doesn’t look like a good offensive player and his athleticism looks limited. Honestly, not sure if he won’t be a transfer portal candidate.

What has happened to Yor?

After going through the Ford Years you want to believe in Boynton but right now I see the same style of basketball but with worst execution. I am so sick of seeing small forwards play the power forward position. Us getting out rebounded because of our small rosters. McGriff should be playing the 3. Start Ka.Boone along with Anei and move Dziagwa to the bench and we would start winning games. Instead he starts 2 unathletic guards who can’t dribble past anyone out on the floor at the same time and it makes us have to take contested shots because no one draws double teams. The big 12 teams know this. They know that waters can’t dribble and pushes off when he tries to go around players. They know Dziagwa takes more bad shots than good ones and is a terrible defender.

People here have been trashing me since the beginning of last season for pointing out boytons flaws and all the unwarranted optimism around him. You all want the team to be good so badly that you really thought he was a good coach. No, he hasnt accomplished anything, only that he can drag a program down even further than Ford left it.

Ford could recruit and scheme. He just had zero discipline. Our current HC has zero clue. We are playing kids that are not Big12 capable.

This team is flat out bad. Laurent, Anderson, and waters are the only ones playing and waters is super hit and miss. This team can play defense can’t play offense can’t shoot free throws can’t rebound. Like dang this is bad

I have to agree that some of our players do not seem to be at Big 12 level of skills needed. The Dutchman is one but he might be good after a few more years. I agree some need to hit the transfer portal. I already feel bad for a super star coming to town. Lack of supporting cast. It’s like a star actor in a movie who has to be in all of the scenes because he has no supporting cast. He gets burned out having to do too many lines. I also agree with the idea that the Boone twins should have more playing time to get the experience for next season. I think Ice is not up to par because of the mono. I had mono one semester when I was at OSU and I know how long it took to get my regular energy back. A long time. Our hope for the future is that CC next season garners so much tv air time that it becomes a recruiting piece and some talented kids want to play in Stillwater even though CC will not still be there. But can we advance in the NCAA tournament with only one really good player? No, Ice needs to be back to form and the Boone twins need to fill out their frames and reach their potential. And at least one of the freshmen next season has to be really talented. If not, then we will be watching reruns of the Travis Ford Marcus Smart teams. I also feel sorry for Boynton. He is such a really nice guy but looks like this proverbial nice guy might just finish last.

Honest question: Does a one and done like Cade fix this team? Is there any evidence that Boynton is even a good coach? Our offense is bad. And I’m not sure one freshman stud can overcome it.

I like the optimism you wrote this article with but the ship is sinking. You can go to the bottom like you said or you can start swimming. NOTHING in the last 2 1\2 years has proven that Boynton belongs at a D1 school. Everyone says he is such a nice guy though… Who gives a crap if he is a nice guy. We want to win some basketball games. I don’t even care who we get next as a coach because we can’t do any worse than what we are doing now

Does a one and done like Cade fix this team? Just remember in football they went from Barry Sanders in '88 to 0-10-1 in '91.