Revisiting PFB's 2023 OSU Football Predictions

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Things have not gone according to plan.

I totally understand wanting to be optimistic. We all want to see OSU football succeed. Sadly, we’re stuck with a program that is stale and possibly rotten.


I didn’t drink the Kool Aid. I thought we would be 6-6 maybe 7-5. If we would have had last seasons schedule, I was going with 5-7. Looks like we will be the latter if not worse.


Feeling better and better about our chances of not losing this weekend.


I got a feeling next week we’ll see all three QBs again or it will be Rangel or either Gundy playing QB. A bunch of players are unhappy word is.

Predicted the same as well, It’d really piss me of if we don’t get to 6 wins and piss me off more if we go anything less than that.

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I’m here to tell you right now this team isn’t going to finish any better than 4-8. This team looks a lot like the 2001 OSU football team. The offense looks slow, and the back end of the defense is confused on coverage. The OL stinks and nobody is any good. None of the Quarterbacks are very good. Rangel is the best QB on the roster, and Gundy has played him the least (go figure). It’s not like this is the first time Gundy has made the wrong decision on a QB, then again it probably won’t be the last.

This is what happens when you don’t have a top 10 defense or a tenured QB forced to be your OC as well. You get slow motion junior high football and a resurrection of the Bob Simmons throwback days. If Dunn and Dickey aren’t gone after this season people need to stop showing up to the games. If Gundy has any integrity he’ll recommend to Dunn and Dickey they should hit the transfer portal, and we better go pick up 20 players or so that are proven products from the schools they come from. I’m willing to bet if we played Tulsa right now we would lose.

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I had us 6-6 this year because there were too many unknowns at the time. Now, I might have optimistic.

I’m glad you finally found something you can sink your teeth into joy. You’ve waited on something like this to happen for awhile. You posting about all of it for the 400th time won’t get anyone fired Telling everyone not to show up for games so we lose a chit load of money doesn’t solve anything

I picked us to go 7-5 and we’ve already lost two of the games I projected as wins (ISU & ASU). Barring some herculean effort, like Tyreek did in '14, we ain’t bowling with this team. But at we’ll know we don’t have any real problems.

You blowing smoke up everyone’s backside doesn’t make Gundy coach better either. All of this is 100% on Gundy.Bad recruiting, hiring bad assistant coaches, not changing his offense.

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I’d say it’s a fairly large statement that stuff needs to change and we want to be in a position to win the new conference and not be content with 7th or 8th place. You don’t pay someone as the 12th highest paid coach in the country to make sure the program sucks. You’re right though. I don’t have to tell them to not show up. They’ll just do that on their own. I’m sure you’re one of the select few on here that believes Gundy when he says the team has no major problems :rofl:.

Joy that all takes care of itself if you finish 7-8 in the conference. You sound like the guy in the bathroom stall next to me …… you laid a big turd
Keep making an asx out of yourself
What are you going to do with your last hero Aranda, he seems to be tanking

I think right now I’d be more concerned about the 12th highest paid coach in America not tanking the program in Stillwater. When you lose by 26 at home to a Sunbelt team that can’t beat Central Michigan, or to a team that can only score 7 points against Ohio. Then you know your program has major problems. You’re always trying to change the topic.

Naw joy you are always comparing us to some other coach that is your new hero Every year. As I said above all that is on administration, you have zero affect on it You’re just a peon like me :joy:

Isn’t Gundy the one singing their praises? It’s always someone else’s fault, isn’t it?

Are you talking about sucking up to someone that agrees with you ? Oh yea you do plenty of that here. joy

What are you talking about? Stop trying to change the subject. Gundy always talked about how great Weiberg is. I want to know something. Do you think the reason for the decline is on Gundy or Weiberg? Don’t be scared. Just tell us your honest opinion.

It’s T. Boones fault for giving idiots like you cause to think we would be a BB in twenty years :roll_eyes: whoever is the blame it’s Weibergs job to fix.

Where have I ever said we should be a BB? All I’ve ever said is we should probably be winning a NY6 bowl more than once every decade or a conference title more than once every twenty years. Keep blaming every one else though.