Richardson Expected to Handle the Load at Running Back for Cowboys in 2022

Sure if you just want to be obtrusive.
If how many sacks ate got or given they wouldn’t.
Your just crying. It was a upsetting game, but normal people move on.

I give you facts you deflect with 1 yard. You can’t talk about title game or the bowl. I point out the oline is not that bad you compare it to OUR dline.

So still no predictions about wins or talk about mason

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Speaking of Mason, how many starts will Rudolph get.

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I have never seen so many gurls scared.
Why are you scared for next year. Even if gundy won a natty you would have something to cry about.

Why won’t you guys talk about the new DC.

I only 12 wins really took the wind out of your sails.

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I’ve never seen someone so delusional. Gundy win a natty? Hell he can’t win the conference. What part of that do you not get?

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He said if it happened, you would still complain. This is a true statement. You absolutely would since you twist every comment and post into crap talking Gundy and the team and the school. You are the delusional one because you call yourself a fan when everything about this team–and its best run in program history–makes you bitter and angry. Seriously. Get rid of your season tickets. Find another team. Stop watching sports. It’s made you into a jackass. Go spend time with your loved ones if anyone in this world loves your wet blanket, dour, contrary existence.


Jug you and the stooges get some hair brain idea something is bad. The problem is it’s bad in your head not in reality. Then you guys try and convince sane people…

Look at bill self. Just won a natty with an ok team. Some of his best teams would lose to Bucknell.
Look at ou and Texas. Buddy gundy is doing just fine…

Look at lineman everywhere Texas is paying 50k for them. We got 3 guys that other teams want why. Because even middle level lineman think they can start…

Well the to guys that were kick off the team 2 years ago have found it hard. They aren’t start at tulsa and North texas( he isn’t even at nt anymore).

You act like stillwater is so great, why aren’t you living there running you cow chit empire from there. Come on jug your just pathetic.

Must be a pretty bad league to finish 4th in if that’s the case.

What are you talking about? The ones he’s had for 2-3 years are gone.

Don’t even know why the thought would cross your head. There is no if about it. Because the if would be impossible.

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40 times a game is alright, but I hope those 40 runs don’t translate to only a combined 100yds each game. Too many close games last year when we could had gone rpo and air raid instead of being stubborn. I’m fine putting the game on the line with defense but when it comes to needing a touchdown to win I would like us to be able to score quick.

You use “if” all the time. I used to explain to everyone that the stooges are criers. Look I use “if” 1 time and your already crying.

I was saying dickey has the lineman for 2 to 3 more years so some will be drafted.

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The air attack is not something you just do. With all the new guys and injures it’s impossible to teach in on the fly. Thats why we saw it in the bowl. They had a month to do it.

I have a weird thought of gundy out there kicking and screaming saying we’re not going to run hurry up.
Thats like a guy with a piece of chit car. If he drives fast it Breaks down.

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I never said mediocre was bad, it’s just mediocre. Warm water isn’t cold but it’s not hot either.

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Well you have cried about his mediocre enough.

But I still dnt see mediocrity. When your program has gone to this many bowls and won these many games.

I know you hate bowls. Even with no bowls.we have not had a lose season since his first. He we mite have had so so years but it’s been good.

Still no predictions on wins or how mason will do as dc.
I see you dnt want to be wrong or blantonly wrong.

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OK, well, OSU has never been closer than under Gundy. It’s an uphill battle. Recent changes just favor the entrenched powers all the more, so it’s very unlikely, but it’s called a hypothetical and people who don’t have dung in their skulls where their brains ought to be can entertain one. Your answer does make it clear that, yes, if we won an NC under Gundy, you would complain about it. For instance, we just beat OU and so you complain that we haven’t done it enough and that he didn’t win the conference. Enjoy what you get instead of being upset that you didn’t get more. Oh wait, you’re an ignorant troll and not actually a fan. In that case, just go away.

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You mean you feel more comfortable relying on the defense to make a stop when we’re ahead by 10 as opposed to 3? I tend to agree.

Hey if I’m going to be criticized for it so should you. Who the hell do you think you are? Joe Biden?

We saw it in the bowl because after being down 28-7 Gundy finally realized he isn’t going to beat a first game HC by running the same stubborn offense he always tries to run 90% of the time. It’s too easy to figure out and too predictable. Thank God they had enough sense to change it in the second half. I still don’t understand why we limit players to what they’re capable of doing for the sake of running stuff that keeps the games closer than they should be.

Well you just post some more crying post. Why did you bring up your dad Biden.

I do agree with the part you said you did understand.

Joy gundy is out to get you. He doesn’t what to show the players true capabilities. Lmao pathetic joy

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We have thrown more scholarships at the D in the last few years Jug,., try keeping up what’s going on with the team instead of non stop complaining

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