Richardson Expected to Handle the Load at Running Back for Cowboys in 2022

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Gundy breaks down how he thinks carries will be divvied out in 2022.

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I hope his vision gets better. I’ve seen if run over guys instead of hitting the gap.

Just stay healthy for all the backs.

“Gundy said he expects the Cowboys to run the ball about 40 times a game”

I hope he has an offensive line that can run block for them. Here an idea? How about giving more runs to the running back that proves he can consistently gain you yards?

The problem is that I’m not sure how much is vision and how much is him seeking contact. He’s a guy that likes to hit instead of getting hit.


Here’s an idea. Go express your ideas where someone appreciates them. Probably like a street corner with some hobos half out of their mind on bath salts.

How about we just acknowledge what the real problem has been since Wickline left?

Ah yes, the incomparable Joe Wickline who’s had so much success that he’s currently coaching…



He had more success at OSU than any OL coach Gundy’s hired thus far.

Dickey still has time to get 1 more draft pick. Lol

I swear you have the weirdest way of looking at things.

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Still waiting. Can he produce a first rounder?

How many did wickline get.

I do love how you say gundy is bad but all you do is talk about him and all his assistance

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At least one.

Well Jenkins was a nice draft pic. He was the highest big12 player pic. Did wickline do that.

Dickey has these guys for 2 to 3 years so what and see.

It’s really funny you didn’t think Knowles did a bad job in 2018. His defense only cover half the field. I’m glad gundy told him to start defending the whole field.
Still no predictions on wins or mason.
Sounds like your scared to look like an idiot. Which I dnt know why, you do it daily


Man, Jenkins was a whole 7 picks out of the 1st round, what trash.

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Still wasn’t first round. Okung was the 6th pick overall.

A second round lineman is nothing to complain about. It’s not some black mark on his record. You say the dumbest stuff trying to make a point. OK. Okung is good. Now was he naturally that good or did Wickline develop him into that? You don’t actually know the answer to that question.


If wickline was so good why didn’t we have more.
I’m like all 5 guys being drafted.

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Last year, the defensive line had injuries but was still a strength on the defense. The offensive line has injuries and they are the weakness of the whole team.

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Yes captain obvious.

We all know the defensive line was the strongest unit.
They were the deepest and still are the deepest. They just plugged in a good player if one was hurt.
Oline had to move people around.

You guys go on about the oline and wickline.
Tell me our we the only one have troubles with oline.

Would it have anything to do with a higher quality of dline in the league. I was look at some stuff. Back in the day the oline had 7 sacks one year with a future 6th nfl draft pic and Zac. We had 13 sacks this year against better dlines. All done with a poor line and no draft pics.
Joey talks about our rushing, well if they weren’t al hurt we mite have got more yards.

Last time I checked both the dline and oline are on our team. You guys won’t tell me how many wins we are getting. Is mason a good hire, nothing on that too.


Sacks aren’t the only measure of a offensive line, being able to get one yard on a goal line is a pretty important measurement too.

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