Riley vs Knowles

Alot of similarities between the 2. Both won the top asst award. Both get snagged by better teams.

People here want to pay more. But. I believe knowles wont have it. Go to a true bb. They paid him1.8 mil.

Riley i guess in most peoples eyes made a side ways move, since clemson is not a bb. Left for 1.7 mil.

Who was a bigger loss. Not just in there play calling, but recuriting. We know that knowles left with alot of guys leaving. So is riley. I know at least the qb 2 rb and the top reciever are going pro. I believe the lose some lineman.

Which is the worse loss for eavh school.

Side bar. Kendall briles is rumored top candidate. Making 1.3 at Arkansas. With discontent with briles at Arkansas. Like when we got mason.

@bill18 tell which is the bigger loss for each team

I do love how you get stuck on things. I bet if i keep sticking to your post on woods you would repeat your spill for years.

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@michael13 do you think riley will hurt tcu

I think Riley is the biggest loss of the two. He’s young, had success, don’t know how well he recruited at the frogs but i would say he did. Riley is going to a BB as long as Dabo is there and it’s not a lateral move but move up. If he has success at Clemson he will be the next hot head coach out there, especially the rise Maxx made. He was average to below average for: 3 years.
Could be 2 or 8 but Knowles will be fired/let go
He made us really good for a couple of years along with some special players for us
So yes Riley is my answer. TCU is losing a bunch of proven players. He hit gold this year

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For next year im wonder how the big 12 will try and screw us. We were on the road 5 times and against the better teams. Will find out our faith on that in a couple of weeks

Will we play 8 or 9 games in conference ? I would bet we play the goons in November. Be Interesting to see the new stadiums and crowds
Has Cincy hired their man yet ?

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Would like to be Karnak and know how Cincy will be 3 years from now See where they go after head man left. BYU is always tough at their place, Holgy you never know about

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Haven’t heard about cincy on the coach. Dana had 1 nice year in the big12 and 1 at Houston. Going toba p5 mite change who he can get at Houston. Byu is byu. The sleeping giant is ucf. Cant have tcu have another great year. Them being in the metro plex.

Im worried with our tv draw the big 12 my try and match up with the bigger boys. We are play 9 games.

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A lot of different variables for each coach, but you bring up a great discussion. I suppose it will depend on how quick TCU can reload next year and whether or not Ohio State can re-do what they did this past year. Plus, does Riley have a guy at Clemson at QB already the starter or will he have to find one? Next year’s results will tell us a lot.

What did tosu do this year. They are a power house who have been in the playoffs second most.

They hired knowles to help slow down Michigan. But, the opposite happen. Giving up almost 90 points in the last 2 isnt what he was brought in to do.

How much was sonny realigning on riley. Was it like when you guys tell that dana told gundy to pound sand.

Knowles didnt recruit, i fine it hard to believe if riley didnt.

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One question do you think with all the players we lost would knowles done better then mason.

One thing i think is over all the big 12 offenses were better. Isu or ou not. Better qbs in conference

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I’m not positive but I think the Clemson QB was a freshman for them this year. If so and Riley develops him I think he will get the first BB opening or one close to it. He hit lightning in a bottle this year with QB No 1 getting injured and Duggan starts. That is just one bit of the luck they had alll year. Duggan and Johnson being gone next year will be a blow

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I sort of wish we would go back to slinging the vall all over again if one of the qbs is “accurt “. Get rid of the ball early

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He wouldn’t have done as well as ‘21, but may have done slightly better than Mason. We lost too many on defense to portal/graduation for him to repeat ‘21. But maybe if he stays, some guys don’t leave in the portal. I cut Mason a lot more slack than Dunn.

I do love how you get stuck in defending coaches with subpar performances with the argument of keeping them, and seem to have no problem bashing coaches that the BB schools picked up that were successful. Stop being an idiot for a day if you can.

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Joy unlike you im a realist.
I like Knowles. But was he the bees knees. No.
Just like Rodriguez mite not been play nfl with out the covid.

You have a view that is simple. If your problem solving you want to fix the base issue.

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Then I guess the coaches at Ohio State and Georgia must have simple views as well. Because they wouldn’t take a chance on anyone they wouldn’t think could help their program. Get a clue for a day as well if you can.

Knowles is a whole lot bigger loss than Riley because Knowles had the only really good defense Gundy has ever had. TCU has had good offenses and lots of great defense.

Explain to me why knowless was are lb coach he recruitted no lbs. Dnt even say cobb our poly coach got him. Even on tweets gundy name was mention more then knowless on defense players.

You go on on about woods. So what one left. How many transfer went pro did we have. Im not sure how the last tranfer from osu that went pro beside woods.

Most havent none much. The lsu kid may should. He left for nil. No more no less

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With out 6 year guys can knowless do it again at osu.

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