RINGER article

If I was Coach Mike, I’d enlarge and paste this article all over the locker room for next season! These guys DESTROY the non-Cade oSu players…https://www.theringer.com/2021/3/23/22345767/ncaa-tournament-second-round-cameron-krutwig-buddy-boeheim

Well this only confirms what I’ve said.
How will boynton close out games next year

I guess people must have missed when this team led Baylor at the half and won in Morgantown without Cade. Boynton will continue to bring in super talented guys to go along with the back to back Top 25 classes he has brought in. OSU is only getting better from here.


No I did I answer that before.
3and 1 with out cade. Isu and ksu who we missing guys too. Great wins
West Virginia wasnt one huggy bears best defensive team. I think would could have had 40 turnovers against one of his best.
Yes they made their way up to a top ten ranking just like ou and tech. So were any of them that close.
Go look at wv scores. Alot of 5 point wins. Thats what a hall of fame coach does with a ok team.
Baylor all I got. Close only counts with horses and han grenades. And is 16 points close???