Roster Updates for Wrestling

They updated the wrestling roster on

A few notable things.
Joe Smith-174
Travis Wittlake-165

Both Dakota Geer and Anthony Montalvo are listed at 184. I would assume one will move up.

Shomers still listed at 157 is interesting. Last year he decided to move up to 165. Is that a typo or is he cutting back down?

Kaden Gfeller listed at 141. Most expected that, but clear he’s going down.

Newton, Nieman, Wilson, Witcraft, Fix, and Brock are the 133’s listed. If Brock is out and Fix takes a redshirt, I think Witcraft is the most talented with Wilson the best of the rest of the group if they have Witcraft redshirt.

Balmaceda is listed at 141! Most, including myself, projected him as a college 157.

Only HWT is Putnam. I spoke with Gary Calcagno last summer and he said he was trying to bulk Harris. Maybe that didn’t happen?

This all could honestly mean nothing. Last year there were mistakes on stuff like this some. People in wrong grades, with wrong weights. Hopefully that’s not the case this year.

I am going to struggle keeping Witcraft and Wittlake straight in my mind for the next 4-5 years. :smile:

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They are trying like heck to bulk Harris, but he’s just struggling to keep the weight on. I wish I knew that secret


Probably about a year ago, Gary brought that up to me and told me he was. I hadn’t really asked about it since, but yeah, it would definitely be nice to know that trick.