Roundtable: Should Bedlam Stay? Pac-12, Big Ten or Bust?

If Bedlam was a .400 or .500 series, would you keep it?

How about:

  1. Keep Bedlam & actually win it 50%
  2. Help Mizzou see that their life would be better in the B1G
  3. Take that 16th spot in the SEC.

There. Fixed it.

My guess is Gundy won’t win another conference title even if we end up in the AAC.

Yea I’m pretty convinced wins over Texas and OU has little to do with things, especially now that it looks like there are some major shenanigans being played by ESPN, SEC and possibly others


2/3 of the conference?
Texas has 7 wins vs OU during Gundy’s tenure
Texas Tech 4
Kansas St 4
Baylor 3
TCU 1(although another non con win in 2005
Iowa St 2
West Virginia 0( non con win in 2008)
Kansas 0
So 4 out of 9 teams Big 12 teams = 44% of teams have more than Gundy during his tenure.

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How about this? Maybe 2/3 have a more recent win vs OU than does OSU? That may be what he meant.

Nope. He’s referring specifically to Gundy, who goes back to 2005. Chris5’s point still stands.


Last win vs ou:
Iowa St 2020
Kansas St 2020
Texas 2018
Oklahoma St 2014
Baylor 2014
TCU 2014
Texas Tech 2011
West Virginia 2008
Kansas 1997
So 3 teams tied in the middle.

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