Rudolph over Weeden? ESPN's QB Rankings of the 21st Century Takes a Side

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Rudy > Weeden?

Rudolph over Weeden? Maybe in overall stats but let’s remember that Weeden was only the starter for two seasons and that 2011 team was far more effective in crunch time than the 2017 team. Look at how much faster Weeden gets the ball out of his hands, and his decision making compared to Rudolph.

Just look where they were drafted.

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Just look at who has a Big 12 championship ring and who doesn’t.

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Mason Rudolph- A guy who threw for a lot of yards and tuddies with nothing to show for it. Carrying a clipboard for the foreseeable future.

Brandon Weeden-a guy who threw for a lot of yards and tuddies with a Big 12 title, Fiesta Bowl title, and a Bedlam beatdown to his name. Carried a clipboard for a while until he decided to retire I guess.

Weeden. All day. Every day. And twice on Sundays. This shouldn’t be a debate.


Agreed. One other thing I’ll point out is Weeden’s intermediate passes were crisp with precision and right on point. Rudolph somewhat struggled with those throughout his career at OSU.

This is some sort of chubby fest

“Yes, Brandon Weeden won a BCS Bowl game and a Big 12 title while Rudolph didn’t. That’s also a fact. Another fact is that Weeden went 23-3 as a starter and Rudolph went 32-8.”
Weeden won 88% of his games vs. 80% for Rudolph.
I’ll take Weeden

Weeden > Rudolph.
Weeden didn’t disappoint during the big moments when the game was on the line.

Rudolph, all I can think about was how Mayfield handed him the L and he just took it.

This is the same old argument. Do you think Ou fans would take Landry Jones (career sooner passing leader) over Mayfield? White? Bradford? Anybody?

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I will also add that Weeden had better defenses backing him. He also played for an OC who told the head coach to pound sand. I think Weeden was given more freedom within the offense than Rudolph. And Weeden had better o-lines.

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I love this pound in sand. U guys r funny. U guys really dnt know how they call plays.

Ok…which coach is more likely to tell his boss that he’s going to do his job the way HE wants to? A guy like Dunn who has been a loyal soldier for 10 years and owes Gundy for his job? Or a guy like Holgerson who lived in a hotel for a year, never tried to develop roots here, and who had prior experience as an OC?


Travis travis travis u one of them.
I do know when they start a game the have plays ready. But after that the plays come from the oc no matter who the oc is. So I guess dunn is telling gundy to pound sand. Limitations of the playbook these last 2 years has been do to Sanders not a coach or they lost the playbook weeden used

Weeden could throw the slant, enough said


1-13 without Sanders 1-15 with Sanders
2-12 without Sanders 2-14 with Sanders
And you think Sanders is the Problem!

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U already posted that. Is this what I got to look forward to this morning. U and ur 5 or 6 number post.
Well no matter what u say gundy did not draw up 4 turnover plays in the Texas game.
Sander has trouble #'s in red zone td and getting points off turnover. Caused to lose tcu.
His red zone td is 15 % less then corndog a no star. He was not under any get pressure in the tcu or for that fact Texas.
Those games won we would have been the winner of the big 12 regular season.
I’m not even asking Sanders to make a lot of plays for those two wins just not to suck on so many.

How did Sanders cost them all the games in 2018? How about 2017 or was Mason Rudolph just another Sanders?

Gundy has a record and trying to pretend that the only reason we didn’t win the conference last year is Sanders fault is BS. Rudolph, Washington and Hill were better than the three we had last year and they finished 3rd. Before you blame it on the defense in 2017, Gundy had a better defense in 2013 and still lost. Sooner or later you need to figure out that Gundy can’t do it no matter who you put on the field.

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Well did gundy draw up a missed extra point in the bedlam game of 2018.
When gundy was playing in the ice bowl did he tell Parker to let his pass go rite through his hands.
Is gundy responsible for the 19 year losing streak.
If we lose 1 or 2 bb games his week will gundy be blamed.

Let’s turn this a round.
Riley blow 3 forth quarter leads losing 2.
I think ou played their best game against osu.
Ou has over 50 high recurits. So in theory they should beat osu every time.
If riley got his team to play like they should they would have been undefeated and on their way to the playoffs.
Same goes for Texas
So dnt go there
I watch Johnson run 4 plays up the middle on the1 yard line.
Johnson lost to west Texas state San Diego state twice.
He has a national championship NFL championship and no wins against the sooners.