The rumor going around is a sec school is Hitting one of our recruits hard. It’s implied kind of harassing.
I would say it’s Auburn with our lone oline recurit.

It just means more…

Now that usc is doing there thing we need to revisit a recruit


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Can’t remember the name he is a lb from oklahoma. They also r going after Williams. Ou is involved with that one.

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Sorry from Texas ty kana from Katy

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We have no one by that name committed…

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Thank u captain obvious.

Then what’s the fuss about an SEC going after a recruit who isn’t committed….

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The rumor I hread did not state who or the school.
I assume Auburn is trying hard after are oline commitment.
The kid from Katy is committed to usc. I said we should see if he would flip because of their coach uncertainty.

Ah I got ya now

Tcu is saying 6 sec teams are making nil offers to one of their players. Now I thought u could talk to players. I guess there are no rules.