Running Back Preview: OSU Looking to Break in New Starter in 2021

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OSU has questions at No. 1 but amazing depth entering the season.

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Not going to be a problem. Play calling however, unless they open it up and start throwing across the middle, will be!!!


The nice thing about this stable of backs is that there might not have to be a number one work horse. Enough talent to rotate fresh legs and avoid burning anyone out at that position. Now we also thought that is how it would go last season when we had all of those receivers but not many of them got to have many targets. It could also be the case of how they manage the RBs this coming season. I hope it doesn’t go like that because that is one sure way to lose guys via the portal. Defenders will be tired during the second half so that is when to let the fresh legs run. Rotate, rotate, rotate. The only way to realize who the really talented RBs are. That’s one reason why you play pre-conference games. Let em rip.

This is the perfect situation for RB by committee, with little drop-off from one to three (four?) and with the top three being seniors, we probably don’t have to worry about the portal.

I’m not concerned with the running backs. What I’m concerned about is:

  1. Will we have an OL that can push a three man rush an inch down the field?

  2. (Like Teatown said) I’m concerned with the future play calling, and if we plan on running the backs through a brick wall 85 percent of the time like last season.

I agree with you! They have to start throwing the ball in the middle of the field! Gundy is so scared about throwing an ET this bleeds over to our QB. Also, spread the ball around and let’s start utilizing our TE’s and RB’s in the passing attack. Open it up and quite playing not to lose.

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