Sanders, Taylor Earn Big 12 Player of the Week Honors after Oklahoma State's Win against Texas

Originally published at: Sanders, Taylor Earn Big 12 Player of the Week Honors after Oklahoma State's Win against Texas | Pistols Firing

Make it nine weekly awards the Cowboys have earned this season.

Great job guys

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How does that crow taste, @firegumby?

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No crow yet. Season isn’t over. And we aren’t that good.

How does a player that is “trash” get awarded as the best offensive player this week for the entire conference?


The same way he throws 7 interceptions against one team in one year. Young threw 7 all of last season.

He’s had 4 this year so he’s due for at last 6 more if he just stays on his average line. And of those 6, most will be game changing possessions. Just like every year.

He got on here running his motor mouth about how Sanders was playing and he gets player of the week and he’s all, “but he’ll suck later!”


Be prepared. He has played great so far. I think it is a fluke. But, he is leading the team and winning. And history tends to repeat itself. We will see.

What a dumb statement. Athletes can and do improve.

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Yeah, but if they don’t after 3 years, or 17, then what can you expect. Sanders has been a turnover machine since his first snap. He’s won a lot of games, but he’s lost a lot too.

I’ve stopped getting my hopes up that “this might be the year”. I know it will never be “the year” with Gundy. It’s sad being a realistic fan.

Then stop watching. Go away. No one wants your input.


The only sad thing is your an osu fan.

Go watch sports programs. Locked on big 12 just put out a pod cast saying osu is the standard of the new big 12.

Josh pate on 247 ditch his football model said he shouldn’t have gone against gundy.

Sanders was again voted big 12 offense player of the week.

Itll be tuff running health player in as hurt once come out. Its been another good year.

Gundy is 17 and 4 against active big 12 coaches.


You’ve been an adolescent commenting since the first of the season. You fired up Saturday when we were behind running your hummingbird asx, got real quite after we pulled within 7… you say Sanders wins a lot but losses a lot ? How is that possible to do both. You’re such a tool


Yup. When you get out there and start chirping early, you better be ready to take it when you get shown up.


I believe Sanders is 30-10 as a starter. Seems like a lot of winning to me and not much losing. If this were Rudolph, or Chelf, or Walsh, or Robinson you wouldn’t come after them, but because it’s Sanders you will make sure to attack anything you can find. You should take a deep look inside yourself and ask why that is.

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He’s also had 40 turnovers including fumbles. That’s pretty bad. That’s one per game. Pathetic. Overall wins and losses don’t matter if they have nothing to show for it. They lost games they should have won. At least Weeden got a Big 12 title.

Every time I see that landing after the interception my knee hurts. I really hope his young knee handled that better than it looked. We have played the toughest part of the schedule. With some focus and healing we should be favored for the rest of the season.


K-State still looks like a possible dogfight. I think we’re better, but in Manhattan, there won’t be as much margin for error as in the rest of our games.